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    DanMachi cheat world: a long, long time ago...We gods came down to this world, the world of you, our children, seeking excitement. And we decided, that we would live here with you forever in the lower world. We decided to seal away our divine power, and enjoy life with all the hardship and inconvenience that it entails. We can offer you only one thing: the power to fight monsters, what we call our blessing. The children given this power become our servants, called ‘familia’. In other words, you are my servant. YOu are the only member of the Hestia familia.


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    Swipe the screen towards the direction you want your character to move. Battle will proceed by turn based system. Tap the GO button to start your battle phase. Combat skill - tap the adventurer to select a combat skill. By using your MP, you can activate your combat skill. You can earn an adventurer and assist units from the gacha. Assist skills are strongly effective to adventurers during battle. Thinking of which unit sets to use in party is preferred.

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    How to play quest - to go on an quest, you will need to use your stamina. Select your quest and press the quest button. You can choose a support unit for your quest from your support list. Non player characters (NPC) and your friends will be displayed in the list. You can create your battle party. First, choose the adventure unit. After you choose your adventure unit, you can select an assist unit to increase your adventurer’s status. Touch and hold a character to display more details.
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    Assist skills - on the beginning of your turn battle, assist skill will be activated automatically. Skill will be effective throughout the whole battle. Swifting targets - before your turn phase begins, tap on a target on which you want to concentrate your attack. About interact - after tapping the interact button, you can view character’s episodes and change outfits. Characters will be unlocked once you receive them by gacha or events.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: outfits - you can change your character’s outfit. New outfits will be added, once you earn that character wearing that outfit. About episodes - you can view the character quests, story and outfits. Each will be unlocked when you reach a certain CP level. Episode story proceeds by the chosen character’s point of view.

    Tricks: each day, from the second day onward, upon logging in, you will receive 10 free iris and 100 stamina. You will get the normal login bonus as usual in addition. If you do not log in between 12:00 AM and 11:59 PM, your special login bonus will be forfeit, and you will not receive it. For example, if you do not log in on the second day, but log in on the third day, you will receive the free iris and stamina for the third day only, and not for the second day.
    DanMachi - MEMORIA FREESE hacked

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    9. xtUA4z7FqwSFvou - premium pack
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