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    Phantom Brigade cheat world: entrance - this area allows you to save your campaign progress or load it. It’s one of the three main areas of the base - you can navigate to the other two (hangar and operations room) from here. Hangar - this area is the starting point for managing the people and equipment at your disposal. Units list - here you can choose a unit to inspect or customize. This screen gives you a brief overview of the selected walker and allows you to navigate to one of the four body areas - or to the appearance customization screen, changes when would be applied to the entire body.


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    Weapon screen allows you to select equipment attached to a given hardpoint. It can be a weapon or a piece of armor - listed equipment depends on the hardpoint you are inspecting.Entering a shoulder hardpoint within right arm body area would present you with a list of shoulder armor options, while entering a left arm weapon hardpoint would present you with a list of appropriate weapons.

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    Operations - this room serves as a hub for accessing a variety of information - missions, statistics, recovered intel and history of the resistance. Region - this screen allows you to select a mission if one is available. Missions can vary by goals, difficulty and even size of a squad you can insert to location. Scenario - here you can check the details of a selected scenario - you’re not committed to it at this point, so feel free to return to the map and check out others before setting on one. If you are confident in your choice, confirm your selection to proceed to mission preparations.
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    Mission preparations screen - here you need to assemble your squad (which can be limited by the selected mission), pairing pilots with walkers they will control. Squad slot screen allows you to assign a pilot to a walker. You can also quickly jump to walker configuration screen from here to make last minute changes to your loadout.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: Move - order the unit to move to the selected node, with AP cost varying based on the travel distance. Standby - order the unit to wait in place for some time. Fire launcher - order the unit to fire it’s missile launcher at the current target. Fire rifle - order the unit to fire it’s rifle at the current target. Reload - order the unit to reload the currently selected weapon.

    Tricks: debriefing - this screens hows you a brief overview of mission results. From here, you can proceed to the base entrance screen. Take command of your squad in a varied selection of missions ranging from sabotage of enemy equipment to infiltration of high tech facilities, and from convoy ambushes to challenging outpost onslaughts.
    Phantom Brigade hacked

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