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    Dragon Nest M cheat world: chaos is born from dawn. The skylight ripped through the night in the void fluttering with disasters. The very first star that fell from the sky brought the soul of the prophet that guides the world. Hero, may you become the rapier that pierces through the darkness. Gameplay: move by sliding the control stick on the left hand. Use the right hand to tap and unleash skills. Watch out for the demons, adventurer. Attack them by tapping the normal attack button.


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    Boss skills cannot be interrupted when the super armor bar is active. The boss has just entered the armor break stunned - it’s time to attack. The boss unleash ultimate skill when super armor is full. Red warning strip is danger. Dodging to the side will be good. When the enemy character is levitating, the super armor will not regenerate.

    Dragon Nest M cheats android, ios hack codes


    Characters: warrior - excels in melee attack and prefers to fight on the frontline. Easily breaks enemies’ defenses with overwhelming strength and unrivaled stamina. Cleric - possesses overpower defense and healing magic. In charge of protecting teammates. Weak in dealing damage, but able to use a variety of support magic in response to diverse situations. Academic - a great master of sophisticated hi-technology can make marvelous alchemy pills. Skilled in bombarding enemies with artillery.
    Dragon Nest M gift box
    Sorceress - a great master of ice, fire, dark and light magic. Excels in dealing AOE damage and disabling ability, wiping out a huge number of enemies at one time. Archer - adept in ranged attack and often launches raids from the rear. As swift fighters, they tend to finish a battle with various types of ranged attacks. Assassin - a gentle and kind teenager accidentally gets possessed by his future self. A bloodthirsty lunatic from another world.

    Dragon Nest M secret code hack tips

    Tip, android gameplay secrets: skill menu - come here if you want to learn, equip, and upgrade your skills. swift purge - launch an assault to cut through the enemy formation. Fan blades - rapidly spin on the spot to knock back nearby enemies then throw ninja stars at them. Autocombats unlocked at level 3. Free up your hands and game with greater ease than ever.

    Tricks: the 3d button on the upper left corner can be used to switch between 2.5d and 3d views. In 3d view, slide on the right side of the screen to rotate the camera angle. In game video quality can be adjusted under game settings. Higher settings provide better quality. Timely dodging allows you to evade lethal attacks from the boss.
    Dragon Nest M hacked

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    4. bV4va58g9QGqC0S - gift box
    5. XApBcZf19nHSQp9 - gem crystal
    6. kkSF7d2gasc98m1 - upgrade
    7. sk8JtpTxT4tbfTG - level up
    8. nVdNJ4I4AQY6Pld - legendary gear
    9. zckLqCBto8Jp9SL - wings
    10. l3jT28fhYyo7AAg - pet
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