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    DomiNations cheat world:welcome to the dawn of civilization! I am cheat-on, your advisor. Your wandering tribe needs a place to sleep. Tap on that pile of sticks to get started. Drag the house around until you are happy with its location. Then tap the green check mark. You have constructed a house. The bards will sing of this triumph for ages, i’m sure. Now build another by tapping the other pile of sticks. Your people need food - have them hunt that deer. Tap on hunt button to assign some of your citizens to this task.


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    Food can also be gathered from fruit trees. Now we can expand the settlement. First you must clear away some of the forest. Tap the clear button to clear away the woods. Clearing forest opens space in which to build things. It can also reveal new goodies for you to plunder. You can also find gold deposits hidden in forest for even more gold. The town center forms the core of your civilization and you should guard it carefully. It is here that your civilization will advance through the ages of history.

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    Quite commendable. Now you should get some more citizens: more people to build things and gather resources. Build a house to attract more. Each house supports two citizens. The more citizens you have, the more you can do at the same time. Nasty barbarians have been sighted nearby. I urge you to protect the village by constructing a tower. Towers defend your town from invaders. You can use crowns to speed things up. Place defenses near your town center, markets, and mills to prevent resources from being stolen.
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    Let’s build an army to punish those barbarians. Barracks train and house troops. Attack - keep tapping to drop the rest of your troops. The more troops you send, the faster they will win the battle. You can rally your troops to attack targets or move to a specific location. Giving your troops a timely order can help you achieve victory. When you destroy all of your opponent’s defensive buildings, your surviving troops return for you to use again. Righteously plundering others is the best way to gain resources.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets:advancing to a new age is always a major accomplishment, and doing so unlocks new buildings and technologies. Your tribe is doing well, but it is just the start of its journey through history. Collect resources, defeat enemies, and grow your town! Tap the goals button for hints about what to do. You’ve completed the first step in your journey. To collect your crown rewards, tap the claim rewards button. keep completing tasks to earn more crowns.

    Tricks:clear the surrounding forest to uncover valuable treasures and make room for your growing city. Each building you connect to your town center generates extra gold. Fruit trees provide food and sometimes trade goods. Buildings and upgrades with 5 minutes or fewer remaining are free to finish. Markets are where your gold is stored. Upgrade your market or build a new one to increase your gold storage. In a pinch, you can also trade rare items for shipments of gold at your market. Tap a road to see your road network. The more buildings you connect to your town center the more gold you get.
    DomiNations hacked

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