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    Prodigy Tactics cheat world: we are going to show you the basic of the gameplay. Taboro is a protective character. It means that he can withstand a lot of damage before running out. Toboro is a guardian. Guardians are magical creatures who channel the mana, magical energy. Guardians create blue harmony square. Blue squares allow your character to use special abilities. Each character comes with 2 special abilities. Each one is linked to an arcana. Press the will arcana to select the linked special ability.


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    You can find the description of the ability you have selected. The description is divided in two different parts. The first on describes the effect of the special ability when you validate it by using the harmony. Some of the effects described here may also be in common with the other part. The second one describes the effect of the special ability when you validate it by using the dissonance. Harmony arcana is in blue and dissonance arcana is in red.

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    Skills: Stunning attack - Toboro crushes the opponent in front of him with his fists. Toboro’s hit is so powerful than the target gets tormented (tormented characters damages taken are increased). Dissonance squares allow your character to launch a special ability. But on a dissonance square you can act only in dissonance. When you cannot launch special attacks, you can launch basic attacks. You can launch it by using only harmony or dissonance, without selecting an arcana.
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    Protection - your character activates his defense, reducing the damages taken. Counter attack - your character activates his defense and then counter attacks his attacks (dissonance square spawned only if he is attacked). Harmony activates protection. The defense value is removed to the damages your opponent will dead. Activating the affinity arcana of a character during the defense phase allows you to include this character to your orders.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: the one last thing you need to know: during player us player confrontations, victory points are displayed here. Each time you kill an opponent, you gain 1 victory point. The first player to reach 3 victory points wins. YOu can place up to 5 characters on the battlefield. validate with the harmony orb.

      Prodigy tactics characters:
    • Elae - is an Alhake. Members of this lineage, though immortal, lose all memory each time they are reborn. Elae has no recollection of her previous lives, except for a fierce hatred of the sorcerer kings and the feeling of a lost love. Even if she still rediscovering the world and its inhabitants, the young woman is certain that it is in her nature to help others and remain calm in the face of danger. She has therefore joined the rangers, a law enforcement institution that protects the region of Okale.

    • Isaelle - is one of the last sacred warriors of her people, the Kuyilans. She bears the heavy task to find a way to save her people from extinction. it represents a great honor and a sacred mission for the young woman. Because of her education, she is disciplined and respectful of the hierarchy, but also has a high opinion of herself. Having a sharp sense of justice but a stormy disposition, she never hesitates to defend the weak and the oppressed.

    • Siren - is a young woman with frightful powers. Feared and rejected for being a witch, Siren has learnt how to manipulate both her magic and the unlucky person who fall under her charm without remorse. Witches have always been known for their Evil eye, and the bound it creates between the witch and the victim.
    Prodigy Tactics hacked
      Prodigy tactics Hero:
    • Zotra - is a manticore of tremendous power. Once an attractive witch, she falled pray to a monstruous transformation. Deprived of her beauty and her voice, Zotra still remains cunning and vicious. Feeling like a prisoner of her own body, Zotra’s dream is to escape this prison of scales and claws.

    • Crag - is a Gerlin knight with a strict code of honor. Long subjected to the mockery of his Gerlin fellows because of his diminutive size. Crag has decided to overcome his handicap by proving his worth. Rejected and banned from his own people, he travels through the lands of Thasys, looking for worthy opponents.

    • Karan Kar - is a half Ogre fighter, a true brutal warrior who behaves without any emotions. Some say that he is under the order of a sorcerer king Kazim for a millenia and nobody knows if he has a true will and identity.

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