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    Wartile cheat world: in an ever changing world, fueled by greed and lust for power. One way to survive is by embracing the old ways, explore the mythology and walk in the footsteps of gods with the ambition to reveal their secrets and harness their powers. Only then can you claim your place in this world and make your legacy from this life echo in eternity. Your journey begins here...


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    It is customary for vikings to obtain the blessing of one of their gods before they attempt ascension into the ranks of jarls and kings. The path to the sacred tree of Eir, deep into the swamplands, is dangerous and a place of mystery and danger. The impenetrable swamp known as the tears of Eir is blessed by day and cursed by night. Therein stans a blood red tree; a silent testament to the sorrows of jealousy and lost love. During the dawn one may be blessed with the touch of Eir; if a proper offering is made. However, bandits have taken hold of this place.

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    The attack system relies on cooldowns that are applied after attacking or when getting hit. This means if four figurines attack a single figurine, that single figurine will be unable to attack. By selecting the figurines, you can see their stats in the lower left corner. This can be used to identify weak enemies before engaging in battle. Move your figurines by dragging them to a tile within its movement range. When a figurine has moved, it has to wait for its movement cooldown before it can be moved again. Keyboard controls: Use W, A, S, D to move the camera around, rotate camera with X, Z and zoom with R, F keys. The space bar key will slow down time. holding down shift while moving a unit will group move all your units.
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    On the right side of the screen you will find your objectives. The first objective is the primary, while the others are secondary. Completing the primary allow you to leave the battle board with loot, but you need to complete all objectives to unlock higher difficulty tiers with new rewards. Figurines will automatically attack enemies within attack range. The colored circle beneath the figurine feets shows their current health status. The smaller it gets, the closer the figurine is to breaking.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: each figurine has unique ability cards, with more choices unlocking as they level up. Ability cards are located in the bottom right of the screen. Make sure to use them frequently as they are paramount to your success on the battlefield. They become available again after a cooldown period. Battle points - these are used to activate battle cards. You earn these by defeating enemy figurines and interacting with objects on the battle board. You can track how many you have at the bottom of the screen.

    Wartile Tricks: Simply drag and drop battle cards onto the battle board to use them. Using battle cards cost battle points, shown at the bottom center of the screen. battle points are earned by killing enemies and interacting with objects. Attacks in Wartile rely on a line of sight. This means that ranged figurines cannot attack through figurines and many terrain features. Campaign menu - from here you can view available battle boards down on the map or navigate the different board sections along the side. Shop - from the tavern, you can preview newly unlocked figurines and purchase them to your collection.
    Wartile hacked
    Tutorial: figurine management - from the customization section, you can equip figurines with new weapons or armor pieces, apply tokens and choose their current ability cards. Figurine rack - from the figurine collection, you can setup your Warband for the nex expedition or double click a figurine customize it. Deck manager - from the deck manager, you can browse through locked and unlocked godly and tactical cards and set up your battle deck for the upcoming battle. When new figurine classes are unlocked, it will be possible to purchase their loyalty and services from the tavern. All figurines have unique stats, abilities and playstyles traits that can find their uses on the battlefield.
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