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    Frostpunk cheat world: in the summer of 1886 the snowstorms began. Crops failed, people starved. Millions fled south. They met only chaos, famine, and death. In the farthest reaches of resource - rich north, the british empire began construction of heal bearing Generators, where a chosen few could survive safe from the chaos of crumbling civilization. They ran out of time. An apocalyptic ice storm came from the south, devouring all in its path. People fled in panic. Some managed to cross the seas and reach the site of a generator only to find it frozen solid. The generator was designed to power a city capable to weather the end of the world...It falls to us to build it.


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    We need to get the generator working. It provides heat and power to other buildings. Without it we freeze to death. Stockpile some coal and start the generator. All buildings that use steam or require the heat zone are down. Overdrive raised the temperature in all heart zones, but increases generator stress level. Generator stress level increases when the generator is heating up or when the overdrive is on. It decreases when the generator stops heating up or is shut down. When the stress level reaches 100%, the generator explodes and the game ends.

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    Buildings: Resource depot - extends our storage capacity for a chosen resources: coal, wood, steel, raw food or food rations. Gathering post - people working here gather resources from nearby coal piles, wood crates and steel wreckage. Workshop - a lab equipped with everything an engineer needs to research designs of various buildings, technologies and improvements. The beacon gives you access to the world outside of your city. You can explore it with scouts deployed through the beacon interface. Scouts are self sufficient and can venture very far from the city. They may find precious resources, survivors and perhaps shed light on the world and its fate. The progress of your scouts is shown through the icons in the upper right corner. Having reached a yet unexplored site, scouts will await your orders. To issue them, click the highlighted icon. Scouts will often need your decisions as to how to deal with their findings. Scouts carry the resources they recover along with them, so in order to make use of those resources you must order them back to the city and wait for their returns.
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    Gamplay Frostpunk: Use the construction menu at the bottom of the screen to order the construction of buildings and roads. Only people without any assignments and those who are not currently at work can build structures. When placing a building, the visualisation is green when in a suitable place, red when it can’t be build there, and yellow when construction is possible, but further work will need to be done to make the building operative. The temperature inside a building depends on the generator’s power setting, that building’s insulation and the conditions outside. There are six temperature levels; freezing, very cold, cold, chilly, liveable, comfortable. Keeping homes and workplaces as warm as possible helps prevent people from getting ill.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: all resources are shown at the top of the screen. Each is necessary for the city’s survival. Coal is required to power the generator. Wood and steel are necessary for construction and research. Raw food is used to prepare food rations, which are the preferable source of nutrition. More resource types appear later on. To assign people to work, click on a workplace and use the assignment panel. Hunters bring food, leaving the city to hunt in the wilderness. Each hunt lasts for 24 hours. between hunts hunters will see the their needs. They can leave the city at any time during their workday. initially the hunters bring up to 15 raw food from each hunt. You can research upgrades to increase their yield dramatically.

    Frostpunk Tricks: Use the game speed buttons to control the flow of time. Every citizens eats one food rations per day. People go to the cookhouse to eat when they’re hungry. The cookhouse produces two food rations from one unit of raw food. Raw food is provided by hunters and hothouses and sometimes found by scouts during explorations. After a couple of days without food people become hungry, then starving, at which point they need two food rations to feel properly fed again. When there are no food rations to be had, people will start eating raw food. Starving people die after several days without food.
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    Frostpunk Tutorial: people living or working in the cold get sick. Left untreated, they fall gravely ill and die. The sick can be treated in the medical post, but helping the gravely ill there (after signing radical treatment law) requires extreme measures which cure some patients but cripple others for life. Use the workshop to develop new buildings and improvements. Research topic are grouped in tiers. You have to research a tier upgrade before you can start researching topics in that tier. Researching each topic costs resources and takes time. Some buildings, like the medical post or workshop, require intense mental labour from the people employed there, and as such can only be staffed by engineers - workers only provide manual labor. Children initially can’t be employed at all. You start with 0 workers, 15 engineers and 15 children.
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    Frostpunk Wiki: Weather changes - temperatures drop and rise from time to time. A forecast for the next five days is shown in the upper right. A thermometer icon indicates the direction of the temperature change. Hover the mouse over it for details. When it gets colder outside, the temperature inside buildings drops as well. Buildings differ in the amount of protection form the cold they offer. To see all factors affecting temperature in building, hover the mouse over the thermometer icon in its panel.

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