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    Sword Fantasy cheat world: your epic adventure will begin soon. let’s remember the heroes of the last great. Salar year 103, the demon king invaded with his horde, the alliance army was at the brink of defeat. Three heroes of light banded together, fought on as the last hope of the work. The Demon king was finally defeated. The world started to recover from the destructions. We are seriously short-handed, you can help out by clearing the nearby monsters.


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    You can use charm to temporarily transform into Athena, see how your master fights. Use meteor strike to combo. If enemy is strong, try stay safe while skills on cooldown. Fashions wear to gain bonus stats and stand out from the crowd. Use the button at the top right corner to switch between auto and manual battle. Evolved mounts have cooler looks and stringer skills.

    Sword Fantasy cheats android, ios hack codes


    Fighter - separated from his parents. In the war against demons, he was raised and taught by his master the art of sword and shield. Mage - she displayed unique magical talent as a child, then graduated at the top of the class in mage academy. She was referred to the master for practical study. The scoundrel - not every army is ready to deal with the cheap plays and dirty tactics of the sellsword scoundrel. This heroin attacks with no honour but, to her advantage, that’s often how you win a battle.
    Sword Fantasy gift box
    The spiritualist - they say that when you hear the sound of the void, your spirit becomes attuned with its essence.This heroin have heard the cosmos, and with that, she gained the power to mend the spirit and it’s body. This Evolve heroes when you can. Every hero can evolve through upgrading stars, cooler looks and better stats. Dash can be used offensively or to evade attacks. Slide to evade boss skill. Use the ultimate ex skill to devastate enemies. Hero rarity determines stat growth and strength.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: only if you have the proper badges for your class to pay the toll and the technological components to improve the suit. Party - in here you will be able to assign a hero of your choosing to be your forever best friend and spar companion. The hero will be dismissed from your party forever through, so you should think this carefully before acting. A good squire can pump up really nicely your combat stats.

    Tricks: every hero has a different bonus percentage to give when invested as a squire. The percentage will be higher if the hero is trained. Leader may also do normal attack automatically when enemy is near. Tap on your hero to add them to your battle party. Tap again to remove it. Leader goes first.
    Sword Fantasy hacked

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