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    Deep Raid cheat world: red alert, captain! unidentified ships have infiltrated the system and attacked all federation bases. To set the course and turn the cruiser, simply tap anywhere in space and the ship will follow your finger. The crew of the ship will take on all the routine tasks, including firing on the enemies with guns of different calibers. You can specify the priority target at any moment by simply tapping on the enemy ship.


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    The ship has a number of combat modules which are capable of causing great damage to the enemies but require time to recharge. When you decide that a good time has come to use them, simply give the order by clicking the appropriate button. For example, an energy wave will not only cause a lot of damage to enemy ships in close combat but will also shoot down approaching enemy missiles and torpedoes.

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    The torpedoes are loaded and ready for launch! Torpedoes are capable of causing huge damage to the enemy when hit so it’s important to turn the ship so that as many enemies as possible are to the side of us. Captain, we have to clear out the system and find out where those ships came from. Apparently this enemy ship can repairs allies remotely. We can fire on it with our primary weapons to destroy it quickly. Sensors show fuel among the wreckage of that ship. We can use it to recharge our shield. Let’s collect the debris.
    Deep Raid gift box
    Captain, do you see these coins? They’re reward for destroying enemy ships. We can earn them by fighting enemies. The stronger the enemy, the greater the reward. We can use coins to upgrade various equipment installed on our ship. Upgrade our weapons to increase their firepower. Upgrade weapon’s system when we have coins and the firepower of our weapons will overwhelm the enemies. Some destroyed enemies leave behind debris that our scientists will want to examine. Collect them to get rewarded with additional coins.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: don’t forget to improve our equipment. The energy shield protect us from enemy fire. If it is discharged we will be destroyed. You can estimate the remaining charge by monitoring the green strip above the ship. Let’s upgrade it so that it can protect us longer. The stronger our shield, the more damage we can sustain. upgrade it to make us invincible.

    Tricks: generator - it can make our active modules more powerful. On our ship, there is equipment of different types: weapons, shields and generators. We get new equipment every time we defeat an enemy flagship. Equipment may have different bonus features. To learn the equipment bonuses you need to examine them. You can only activate one equipment of each type, for example, only one of these generators with its bonuses can be active. By choosing which equipment to activate, you choose bonuses that will act on the ship.
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