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    . Free cheats code list Last Legend - heroic summon, rank up, gold, rune, legendary items, dragon coins, energy crystal, vip status, gem, cresent gift.

    Last Legend cheat world: it seems you come here alone, i will introduce a partner to you. You have got a new hero, let’s put him into our line up. Click skill 3 to check skill information, click again to use it. For different enemy numbers, you can use skills of different ranges to maximize damage. Defeat enemy can get extra rage. You can clearly see how many enemies would be attack by the skill.


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    Search for rune require EP, which can be looted from stage. Master of enhancement provides great combat power. Ascending heroes to further develop their power. If you pass stage with 3 star, your heroes can auto battle and accumulate reward there. Evolve requires energy crystals which can be converted by converter in energy raid. Hero can improve himself by evolving and save the day at the key moment.

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    Characters: Voidwalker - magical DPS. Can strengthen himself through transformation. A DPS worth developing. Ultimate skill: transform and greatly increase attack and critical rate for 2 turns. Voidwalker’s attack and critical rate greatly increase after transformation. Zeus - magical balance, can deal damage and control. Ultimate can greatly increse his attack and deal magical damage in a large area.
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    Master j - magical DPS, can steal enemy ATK and deal more DMG to the enemies with low ATK. Ultimate skill - deal massive damage to a single unit, damage increases on the attack difference. Bruce - physical DPS, skillful assassin, can restore HP greatly once defeat the enemy. Two head is a powerful tank, you’d better have him in your front line. Mecha - can continuous release bombs, deal high damage and decrease enemy rage.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: Come and join in the epic action RPG card game, Last Legend! Set out your journey to the dying alien world of death and mutant virus, collect and train heroes, gather teammates, control the battle with your fingertips. Use your divine weapon, eliminate all fallen creatures! The world is controlled by 5 great forces, which side will you choose?

    Tricks: focusing on one hero is good strategy to start, but a full team is better later. Legendary equipment chest has a chance to get integrated equipment. Wearing gears of same tier activate their set power. Enhance your gear to further improve their power. Complete daily quest to earn vip experience. You can get a card sharp from a treasure chest block or shop block. You might be able to level up faster if you use the cheat code.
    Last Legend hacked

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    1. BkAhn4UQhr7pISO - heroic summon
    2. sTMwnQmAhrS2bu7 - rank up
    3. D64O9D26CY3ohEu - gold
    4. dn8oBrkMpl4RHRb - rune
    5. 1uXOeBWWo0fRBkC - legendary items
    6. 24P0XwZdPlVS4WX - dragon coins
    7. PmEX7LtsuwQohej - energy crystal
    8. DYLyXyhtlbVFHtP - vip status
    9. SMVdiElmy1FE5rp - gem
    10. nqMpMqpQeWLrr1t - cresent gift
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