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    Astro Commander cheat world: the leap and development of civilization begins with energy sources. Power stone, it was called the epoch of mankind and God’s blessing. It was stronger than any energy that mankind has ever discovered or developed, and it was energy more than anything else. It was not just the energy to move the machine, but it gave power and ability to life.


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    The hero of the battle of Columbus Erika Captain chooses the hermit’s path away from the command of the command that is no longer acceptable. Erica’s departure has embarrassed the expedition, and the commander has taken a hard. Despite the efforts of the command, you were going to leave the expedition to overdo mission orders, and are willing to work with Erica.

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    Captain, we’ve detected the enemy approaching. We must prepare for battle. Tap the bottom to install a turret on your battleship. Earn resources by steering your battleship toward them. Steer your ship by tapping the screen in the direction you wish to go. Resources consumed can be used to install turrets or to enhance. Collect resource points by defeating enemies.
    Astro Commander gift box
    Physical enhance increases attack power and attack speed for physical damage type turrets. Enhance can be a valuable tool during combat. make good use of it. Captain, there are special skills to be used in the vent of an emergency. Press the button to use skills to defeat enemies. Using plasma flare effective when many enemies or torpedoes are approaching.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: weapon - lone wolf: this is a lower powered, but very quick beam attack that deals optical damage and is effective against fast targets. Vulcan - deals physical damage, effective against torpedo like enemy projectiles. Enemies are like suicide bombers. Approach them face to face to evade them. Turrets that deal optical damage are effective against creatures.

    Tricks: bombs - we have to keep our distance before they explode. YOu can use the vulcan to shoot down their explosive projectiles. Turrets that deal physical damage are effective against flennarets. By improving level, it increases the capacity of the ship and the number of towers that can be installed. (maximum 6 levels).
    Astro Commander hacked

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    1. VyvcmY0vxXIVKBP - adamanium
    2. 66cqI600JeFgSI5 - powerstone
    3. DDi60GqBkzBJkd5 - enhance
    4. W3dQhVzRJR77wk0 - upgrade
    5. eQbe0Smjt7ZnSeP - level up
    6. YwXsPEXqkF43yr6 - weapon
    7. 3WsA1RaHEOVQ06b - ship
    8. pYhFPUPFMeZZ9fX - multiplayer
    9. kYCeRXrIWqsc7sA - gift box
    10. G93EWzXDVSFby6V - premium pack
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