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    Surviving Mars cheat world: Permanent buildings are constructed by drones. Open the build menu with B, select a building, and place it on the desired location with left mouse button. Suggested buildings: a large solar panel will generate electrical power required for other buildings. The RC transport is used to carry resources at long range or gather resources from surface deposits. Orders are given with buttons in the infopanel. The transport can establish a supply route between two points on the map. Remote controlled: 1) vehicle transport, commands and repairs drones; 2) exploration vehicle that can analyze Anomalies; vehicle that transport resources. Use it to establish permanent supply routes or to gather resources from surface deposits.


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    Research technologies - will unlock various benefits for the colony. Researching any technology will make a new technology in its field available for research. Changing your active research will preserve the progress of the previously researched technology. Too early to place a Dome - it might be a good idea to secure some oxygen and water supply before building your first Dome. You may cancel construction orders at any time before the building is ready.

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    Universal Depot - drones will stockpile all kinds of resources into a universal depot. Consider placing a depot near each of your outposts. You can also construct specialized depots for resources of a specific type. Waste rock - your extractors produce waste rock as a by-product. Waster rock can be stored in dumping sites or disposed around the extractors. Extractors will temporarily stop working when there are not enough drones to carry out the waste rock. Sensor towers significantly boost your scanning speed for nearby sectors. They also give advance warning for disasters. Note that sensor towers require electrical power that must be provided by a power generating building such as a large solar panel.
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    Even the tiniest, simply looking rock can contain the answers to mysteries which perplexed the human mind for generations. SOmetimes it takes just a simple discovery to assure us of the vastness of the universe, an encouragement to make us look beyond the boundaries of our existence and into the future. Priority is set from the infopanel of individual buildings and constructions. Drones will try to complete higher priority tasks before lower priority ones. Buildings with higher priority will receive resources and power in case of shortages. Resupply - a cargo rocket can deliver additional supplies for the colony, for example advanced resources such as Polymers, machine parts and electronics. Open the resupply UI to order a cargo rocket from Earth.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets:metals are important for field buildings while rare metals are exported to Earth and used in the production of Electronics. Concrete - used in the construction of many colony buildings, especially in the interior of the domes. Water - most vital resource for sustaining humans on Mars. Water can be extracted from deposits using prefab moisture Vaporators transported from Earth. Dust Devils - contaminate buildings in their area with Martian Sand. Contaminated buildings require maintenance nearby buildings quickly, but disappear relatively fast. Air production - oxygen can be extracted from the atmosphere by a moxie. Since it is crucial for the survival of your future colonists, an oxygen tank for storage is highly recommended. Pipes are used to connect all life support buildings.

    Surviving Mars Tricks: mission sponsor - the patron country or organization standing behind the mars mission. Grants funding, research and other benefits to colony. Prefabricated parts needed for the construction of certain buildings on mars. RC Explorer - a remote controlled exploration vehicle that can analyze anomalies. Concrete - basic construction material often used to construct and maintain domes and dome buildings. Drone hub - controls drones and allocates them to different tasks. Stirling generator - generates power. While closed the generator is protected from dust, but produces less power. Moisture vaporator - produces water from the atmosphere. Production lowered when placed near other Vaporators. No production during dust storms.
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    Tutorial: Vehicle batteries - RC transport are powered by batteries with limited capacity. To recharge them you have connect the vehicle to a power grid or transfer power from another vehicle with a charged battery. A dust storm has started - it will contaminate all your buildings and drones with dust, potentially causing malfunctions. Moxies and moisture Vaporators will not work during dust storms, while wind turbines will generate more power. Resupply UI - select a cargo rocket and load the desired payload up to the rocket’s capacity and your available funding. plan carefully, you have a limited number of rockets and travel times are significant.

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