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    Rise of Civilizations cheat world: the journey of your civilization starts here. From obscurity to legend, history will be written by your own hand. Are you going to conquer the entire world with epic wars? Or become a renowned leader for your sagacity? Are you going to explore the unknown as a pioneer? Or strive for your own people’s benefit? Time will tell. The success of a great civilization depends on wise choices by its leader. And its fate is now in your hands.


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    As your counselor, i will do my best to offer help to you. Our people have been living a nomadic life for a long time. But since we discovered this new land, everything suddenly seems full of hope and possibilities. Now, starting from this small city, we will eventually create a great civilization of your own on this land. Knowing the needs of your people is the first step towards prosperous development.

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    Our people can’t survive without food, we need to build a farm first to ensure the food supply in city. Reliable food supply is the guarantee of citizens’ daily life, and he key to our future development. The barbarians may come at any time, we urgently need to train our own troops. Next, we need to upgrade the wall to reinforce the city defences. Now we have an army, but an outstanding commander is the real key to victory. A tavern will allow us to recruit talented people. It seems that our efforts have paid off. Some villagers decided to join us to confront the threats together.
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    Warrior - one of the earliest military unit that relies on brute force, usually equipped with primitive weapons. The scout - is a special unit that can help yu to explore the fog, investigate unknown locations and gather intelligence about other governors’ cities and troops. The scout will automatically explore area, you will be notified if he makes any discoveries. Slinger - uses simple slingshot to attack the enemy. The accuracy and range however are obvious disadvantages. Horseman - is the prototype of true cavalry, and can play an important role in the battlefield when they are assembled.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: you have found the supply box while attacking the barbarians on the map. You can use them in the items to receive a variety of nice items. Besides, you can always check the details of event in the info page. upgrade your city hall to level 21 to recruit the powerful unique unit. Building the city, storing the resources, training an army and researching the newest technologies - all you have done here will create an unique and incredible history.

      Rise of Civilizations Hero (commanders) :
    • Boudica - was a queen of the British Celtic Iceni tribe who led an uprising against the occupying forces of the Roman Empire in AD 60 or 61. However, the Roman governor Gaius Suetonius Paulinus’ eventual victory over Boudica confirmed Roman control of the province. Boudica the either killed herself to avoid capture, or died of ilness. Interest in these events revived in the English renaissance and led to Boudica’s fame in the Victorian era. Boudica hero has remained an important cultural symbol in the United kingdom. The absence of native British literature during the early part of the first millennium means that knowledge of Boudica’s rebellion comes solely from the writings of the Romans.

    • Markswoman - as the name implies, is a woman who is skilled in precision shooting, using accurate projectile weapons to shoot at high value targets at longer than usual ranges. Within the military, markswomen are sometimes attached to an infantry fire team or squad where they support the squad by providing accurate long range shots at valuable targets as needed, thus extending the effective tactical reach of the fireteam or squad. In the Midd, in the first use of the term ‘marksman’ was given to the royal bowmen of a palace guard, which was an elite group of troops chosen to guard a royal palace or the royalty.
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