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    Ymir Ronchiporc cheat world: after living as nomads since the dawn of times, living of hunting and gathering, your primitive tribe has finally stumbled upon a region that seemed worthy of renouncing their nomadic ways. The time has come to settle down and build something significant to resist the test of time, and they have chosen you to lead them. This seems to be a decent region to do so, but it’s worth continuing your journey to find better lands, the decision is yours. You can colonize territory by giving a formation the mission settle with this region as a target.


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    Our newly settled tribe now urgently needs fresh water to survive! We have to arrange for a spot where the people of the tribe can easily access and get fresh water. No need to worry about it: the people of the tribe will use it by themselves to get the water they need. We’ll have to watch out though: while one is enough for our small tribe for now, these spots can only accomodate a limited amount of people until new ones are required. Build a water collector on the shore of any source of fresh water. In the building tabs, select the water collect and find a valid spot to place it on the hare of fresh water tiles. This building does not require anything and will automatically produce and distribute some water to the population satisfying their vital need for water.

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    Our newly settled tribe will quickly starve if we do not find food. We need to build a hunting camp near any available source of wild animals we can find in our region. This will provide us with fresh meat but also leather. Go in your newly settled region. In the building tabs, select the hunting camp and scan the terrain. The highlighted area around the building is its range. Exloitable tiles show up in green. Look for animals and place the hunting camp in range so that it will produce meat. In the building tab, you can still choose to build the previous now obsolete version of a building by right clicking on the building’s button.Each project has an optimal number of researches. Beyond that, any extra researches will only add a minor contribution to the project.
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      Ymir Ronchiporc Effects:
    • Economy - The budget balance of your region is two results of all incomes and expenses specific to this region such as taxes, salaries and maintenance costs. Budget can also be negatively affected by waste. It represents incomes lost to tax fraud bad management, corruption and black economy.

    • Administration - represents your government’s management capacity in this region. The more population and distance for the capital, the harder it is to manage the region. But it can also be improved by active policies and services in the region such as scribes helping in the region’s administration.

    • Conflict - represent the level of random conflicts between the people of the region. Active government civics and services in the region such as justice can help reduce it.

    • Loyalty - represents the global loyalty of the region’s people to you:the central government controlling this region. It is affected by many factors such as the culture of the people, the level of conflict in the region, active policies, past events or authority of the government in the region. If loyalty gets too low (below 30%), there will be a high risk of global uprising that can lead to losing the control the region.

    • Culture - based on the amount of population can then be shared between different types of cultures. State culture represents your culture. Local culture represents customs and behaviors specific to this region and different from your main culture shared among all your people. Other foreign cultures might also be present.

    • Growth - is greatly dependent on the breeding will of the people which determines how many couples will have children within the next generation.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: the type or price of goods have no effect on Wealth. These things are relative to societies while wealth is an objective universal unit representing time spart working on anything. Any similarities with another species would be purely fortuitous and unintentional. A Porco working in a building with twice the efficiency of another one will produce twice the amount of work in day, and therefore twice the Wealth. Wealth is the unit of objective value. It’s defined by time spent by a Porco working on anything, regardless of the subjective value (coin prices) his society gives to what he does.

    Tricks: if a porco’s income represent 3% of the region’s total incomes, his wealth will be 3% of the region’s total wealth. You can still access the resources from a storage building with no workers, but it cannot receive any new ones. The economy is never stable. Things are always fluctuating, and that’s because it is the result of a dynamic simulation where lots of things continuously influence each other. Do not worry if you cannot get everything to stay still. A region’s sum of all incomes represents the total amount of coins circulating and therefore the objective value (wealth) each coin represents.
    Ymir Ronchiporc hacked
    Ymir Ronchiporc Tutorial (wiki): projects are unlocked by ideas: events that are triggered by your population. Improving the intelligence and life quality of your population is generally a good way to increase odds of getting new ideas. Projects then require researchers and time as well as materials and budget. Once completed, if successful, they give rewards such as unlocking a new knowledge. State power - is the capacity of your state to manage things. Power policies define how the political power is organized in the state generating state power and affecting different types of legitimacies state power increases the loyalty of regions. Legitimacy - is how much the people recognizes the right of your state’s claims to authority which are defined by your active legitimacy policies. These affect the positiove or negative influence of all the different legitimacy factors. Treasury - this society currently works without any form of currency and it’s people simply share everything in community: the government has no treasury nor incomes or explains.

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