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    Arcane Straight cheat world: nice to meet you. My name is cheat-on. I heard that our king was really disappointed someone other than Merlin was summoned. There are some artifacts in this world that were used by Merlin. You’re from the same world as him, so why don’t you try using them? There are great powers contained within the ancient artifacts. I’ll take you to an ancient ruin right now! Follow me for now.


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    It’s said that Merlin left his belongings in this place before he took off. Let’s look for something useful. It has been recorded that Merlin sealed Heroes’ powers in cards. Now, we should find out how to use these artifacts. Have you heard of the 3 elements, fire, water, and wood? Fire is stronger against wood, water>fire, wood>water. Number bottom card means attack power.

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    You will recover as much HP as your recovery power. If cards with the same element and type are gathered, they become much stronger! Monk, paladin, and priest. The elemental combination might not be that strong, but 15 times should be enough.With increased hand size, it will be easier to create different combinations. There are lots of friends who have strong leader skills in this world, use them well to turn the tide of battle.
    Arcane Straight gift box
    If you wish to know more about your enemies, press the magnifying glass button - you’ll be able to see more details about them. Consider your attack power and the enemies’ health points to create the optimal battle strategy. You can redraw unwanted cards by tapping them. Tap and hold or double tap a friend’s card to view more details.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: login every day and receive bigger rewards. You can inflict as much damage as your attack power, but based on elemental combinations, it can get 2 times stronger, or becomes 50% weaker. Once the spell is highlighted, touch your ally several times to cast the spell on him. Blue circle around character feet shows that special ability is activated. When tank have more than 85% life, his (already) powerful attacks deals even more damage.

    Tricks:don’t forget tank special attack - deal double damage when near full health. Berserker’s rage - it makes deal huge damage when less than 30% life. Select meditate to double the natural regeneration speed of your mana. Survival instinct - when archer nearly alone on the battlefield, arrows deal more damage. Cast the stone skin spell to make the target ally receive half damage for a few seconds. In the spell bar, white icons are healing spells. Green icons are buff spells. They give your allies attack or defense bonus. Dark blue icons are mana recovering spells and abilities.
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    5. lL3emo9w98gfB9U - gold
    6. gVZgqkgcGJmgM2e - gift box
    7. 3HoQs4n00MHVL1R - premium pack
    8. Yu5xIwuY1dlMfAv - summon
    9. kK4dDob8UR2bh20 - stamina energy
    10. 4Xqu4PjKSKh0qbc - evolve
    11. dIkezG2gUE3stCF - diamonds
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