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    Atomic Society cheat world: 20 years have passed since the bombs fell. As a child, you survived the war in a government bunker. You were raised to be a society-builder, to go out with a small group of trained engineers and reconstruct civilization in the wasteland. Decades after the radiation fades, you prepare to leave the bunker and build the first city of a new age with the values and morals fit for such a time. You will attract survivors who are desperate and tired of life in the wates. They will look to you for leadership. But can they trust you?


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    Identify yourself - on this menu you can create the town leader for your settlement. The town leader is a fully controllable character who can be used to explore or perform optional tasks as you build a town. Click on the orange arrows to browse skin, hair and clothing options. Then choose where to build your settlement. Ruins can be converted into a storehouse or standard quality homes. Leave all the salvage inside the building, and it will not require any building supplies to convert. Take some of the salvage out, and the building will become gradually more expensive to convert.

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    • Summit - chased by raiders and radiation, you ascend. High above the ruins, the air is fresh and the view amazing, but the location is brutal in its own way. It will be hard to find supplies this high up.

    • Iceberg - the mainland is too dangerous, you set sail in a rusty freighter and stumble across a remote island covered by ice and a former fishing village. it’s remote, but migrants may follow you by boat.

    • Floodplain - nuclear explosions caused fault ruptures thousands of kilometres away, sending a coastal village into the sea. The remaining landmass is broken into islands and causeways, making this challenging location to build upon.

    • Forest - has started to reclaim this part of the country. Old trees choke the soil and howling wind sweeps in from the radioactive lakes, but at least not everything in the wasteland has turned to dust.
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      Atomic Society Scenario:
    • Dunes - seeking a place of shelter from raiders, you enter a secluded desert. There is an eerie calm here and a chance to start anew.

    • Canyons - in order to escape the storms that ravaged the land, you enter a deep and isolated canyon. The location seems well sheltered and contains a few ruins from a rural town that must’ve once been here.

    • Tundra - nuclear winter has brought snow even in the summer. Seeking rest bite, you stumble across a snow plain with few hills and useful ruins. Perhaps your people can survive the endless winter here?

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: water well - dig down into the barren earth and seek water. Regularly winch up any trickle water you can find below the unforgiving earth. Produces: 2x well water per cycle. A good drink resource. Basic shack - building a simple shack will provide communal shelter for several people. Survivors might not like living so close together in cramped conditions, but it’s better than being homeless. Greenhouse - attempt to cultivate fresh fruit and vegetables undercover, safe from the harsh, radioactive elements. The food isn’t as satisfying but there’s more of it to go around.

    Atomic Society Buildings: scavenger’s hut - one of the most important buildings you can make, workers at the scavenger’s hut will roam the wasteland for useful building supplies and consumables. They will slowly empty a building of all available loot and move their search elsewhere. Scavenging is dangerous job for the workers. There is no telling what they can find out there. Crematory - workers at the crematory will search your settlement for dead bodies in pairs and bring them back to be burn. Burning dead bodies, instead of letting them rot, helps keep your town disease free. Rain collector - gather the rain and dew from the churning atmosphere. The post apocalyptic weather is unpredictable and it may take some time for the rains to come, but they’ll be plenty to drink when the tank is full.
    Atomic Society hacked
    Atomic Society Tutorial wiki - the more workers you employ, who are currently inside the workplace, the faster the production speed of the building. At the start of a new game you will be in overview mode. This lets you get a higher look at the area. Take control of your town leader by clicking on the circular icon in the bottom right of the screen, or by pressing the spacebar. Your town leader can be used to do optional tasks in the town and explore, as we shall see. The first thing you need to do in Atomic Society - is to choose where to found your town. To do this you must convert one of the larger ruins on the landscape into a storehouse. Press space to return to overview mode and look around for a large ruin to make the centre of your upcoming settlement. When you have found one, right click on the ruins and choose the large orange “Convert to storage” button.

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