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    SAELIG cheat world: we will teach you about the interface, camera controls, show you how to manage buildings, hack cheats, control your character, and interact with the world. House Holton family - when something is selected its portrait and some basic info is displayed here. Your own house is currently selected. House menu will show management buttons related to the currently selected object. You can hover over each button to see what they do. Some buildings will allow you to view inside them. This can be done by double clicking on the building itself.


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    Clock - it shows the current season and the position of the sun in the sky. You can hover over it for more specific detail. In the top bar your money is displayed along with the people, family, hack, log, cheats, and menu buttons. To the right is your player portrait. You can click your player portrait to select your player. Bottom are important buildings. At the top is the market, and below is your house. Any further buildings you buy will be added in here. You can hover over these buttons to see the building name and any people or carts associated with it. Click the button to select the building, and double click to warp your camera to the building.

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    Now you will use what you’ve learned to find and buy a bakehouse and then we’ll go through how to manage it. Remember, most buildings can be owned, but the AI characters will also try to buy them, so it pays to get in quick. Now that you own a bakehouse you will need to employ a worker. Select your bakehouse, click the hire worker button in the management menu. Click the + next to the person you want to hire. YOur new worker will now rush over and get ready for work. Remember, at the end of each day you will automatically pay wages to each of your workers. These wages can be adjusted with the adjust wages option in the management menu of each building. Each business also has specific hours in which it operates, outside of those hours your workers cannot be bossed around by you. each person has a job, family, life, and needs. Horse carts do no require an employee assigned to them and you can use them at any time.
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    inventory of your bakehouse - everything is stored here. Production and carts - in this panel you will find any workers or carts that are assigned to the building. Click this button to view the recipes that this building is able to produce. In the production and carts panel click on the driver slot of your cart and assign your worker as the driver. You will now be able to command the cart, then select your cart. Your cart has arrived at the market. Select the market and click on Buy&sell in the management menu. Find the Barley flour item and click on it to begin a trade. Transfer 5 barley flour into your cat’s inventory. After clicking on an item you can use the scroll wheel to adjust the quantity you want to buy.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: now that you have some resources you will need to offload them to your bakehouse. There are several ways to do this, but the easiest is to use send home. After the goods are produced they will be added to the bakehouse’s inventory. Each person needs to buy food to survive, so they will come to your bakehouse and buy the food you produce, but you can also sell it at market for quicker income. Those are the very basics of producing goods. There are many different buildings for you to play with and many different recipes to produce. Each building and cart can also be upgraded via the upgrades option in the management menu. Play around with the bakehouse for a while and experiment with different aspects, and then when you’re ready click done and we’ll continue on the character stage.

    SAELIG Tricks: now we will go through the basics of using your player character to move around and interact with things. Right click anywhere on the terrain, and your character will begin to move to that spot (you can double click your player portrait to quickly find them). Wait for your character to arrive at the market. Double right clicking will tell your character to run to that position, and pressing R will toggle run. Right clicking the ground at any time will move your hero to the spot. We can also use the right click to tell your player to do a task, or do an interaction. Your player will go inside the bakehouse and briefly supervise your worker, which will boost production speed. Remember, you can double click your bakehouse, or click the view inside button to move your camera indoors.
    SAELIG hacked
    SAELIG Tutorial (wiki): some interactions can only be used every once in a while, or under certain circumstances, and other can be unavailable for various reasons. In these cases the interaction will appear with an x icon, or not appear at all. Each person has an opinion of you, a person who really likes you might want to marry you, while someone who hates you might want to burn your house down. A simple way to boost relation with someone is to talk to them. A lot of characters will be busy and the interactions will be unavailable. So just continue looking until you find someone.

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