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    CHRONO MAGIA cheat world: to get used to how things work here, let’s start off with a series of tutorial battles. If you successfully complete all of them, you’ll receive a card pack as a gift. Top are your hands, as well as your defense, MP (magia points), and life. THe value in the green circle on the top left of this card is the cost of setting this creature. Creature can't act yet. It will be summoned next turn.


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    You recover some MP each turn. How much depends on your gifted, the maximum is 15 MP. Creatures set during the previous turn will be summoned. Tap and hold your summoned creature to take a closer look. Here you can see your creature’s cost, attack, life, and any abilities. If its life reaches zero, it is slain. YOu have a creature that has not acted yet (denoted by a ready mark), so try attacking your opponent’s gifted.

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    In the second tutorial battle, you’ll learn how to use magic cards and skills. Magic cards have many different effects. YOu’ve consumed some MP in order to play this card. Let’s talk about magia skills. The type icons light up when creatures of those types are summoned, unlocking the magia skills. Skill is available to use? Tap and hold it to display the skill details. Gift box - here you can claim your rewards, such as those from your daily login bonus.
    CHRONO MAGIA gift box
    Life force - upon summoning this creature, adjacent creatures gain +1 life. Lightning of Zeus - deal fixed damage to one target. Persephone’s return - if there are no creatures summoned on your side of the field, gain 3 MP. To use it, simply drag the card to the center of the field. Rush - this character may act as soon as it is set. Taunt - enemies must target this creature when attacking. Does not apply to magic. SNeak attack - upon summoning this hero, deal fixed damage to the enemy in front of it.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: in the third battle, you’ll learn how to use creature abilities and level up summons. Creatures have many different special abilities. YOu won’t inflict damage unless your attack is higher than your opponent’s defense. There is one more trick to setting creatures. Try putting another creatures on top of this one. This grants the summoned creature a life and attack bonus. The maximum level is 3.

    Tricks: drag your finger across the pack to open it. Tap the card to move on to the next one, or tap the skip button. Edit deck screen - deck consist of a gifted, three classes of magia skills, and 20 cards. YOu must have 20 cards in your deck. You cannot use decks with 19 cards or fewer in battle. You musrt aslo fulfill certain creature type requirements in order to activate skills.
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    Tutorial (wiki): you may have up to two of the same card in your deck. You may not have two of the same legendary card on the field at once, however. Tap the back button when you’re finished to save the changes you’ve made. YOur magia gold hack and suit pieces are displayed at the top right of screen. Tap the plus (+) next to your magia gold to hacking more. You can get suit pieces by completing story battles or breaking down cards.

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    8. Woyg7sKZldK84PQ - upgrade
    9. Vo0Gl2RQU6zS4Ld - evolve
    10. cAkuDzvWXjjgFYy - legendary card
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