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    Demon Blaze cheat world: for a very long time, the existence of the Evergreen continent was a peaceful one. The continent’s population lived in harmony for many years. That harmony was ensured by six powerful treasures. The treasures were kept safe by six guardians, who helped the continent and its countless races prosper and coexist in peace. One day, a scholar and sage named Eulim appeared and warned of an approaching darkness. Eulim told everyone that the only way to be saved and defeat this darkness was for the six treasures to be united into a single powerful source.


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    Although hiw wise words were respected, greed drove people apart and caused the continent to split into six separate kingdoms. Over time, Eulim’s prophecy grew faint and was forgotten by the population. The darkness, arrived. The Empire, the most powerful of the six kingdoms, proclaimed itself as the shield of the continent and successfully defended it against the darkness with the Emperor’s son in command. The wapire decided to organize a great expedition and strike the heart of the enemy. The six kingdoms that were being protected by the empire, however, turned their backs. The empire betrayed by its allies, was left powerless and eventually perished. The prince returned from the great expedition to a homeland in flames and was greeted by Demon of fire.

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    The Prince fell before the Demon of fire. Sensing the prince’s defeat, the demon went in for the kill. Suddenly, the Prince, who was already severely injured, vanished into thin air and escaped the Demon of Fire’s devastating final blow…. My name is Cheat-on. I am a disciple of Eulim. I teleported you here to save you from the enemy. The Demon still lives. Probably upset about being to kill you. But still celebrating his victory at the Imperial palace. I’ve treated you, but your body is still very weak.
    Demon Blaze gift box
    When you tap enemies marked red, you will be automatically moved to get in range to attack. Heal allies marked blue by tapping them. When skills are activated, your targets will be marked as red tiles. You can still move when skills are activated. Specify a destination and then attack to perform move attack. Tap a tile on the destination. Select the destination and tap on an enemy.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: world map - here you can select the stage. There are up to three secondary options for every piece of equipment! Acquire more equipment to obtain better options! Enemies will counterattack in case of melee attack. Attack the enemies when they can’t counterattack. New heroes can be sent to battle via the team formation. Evolve heroes to enhance their skills and give them more powerful abilities.

    Demon Blaze Tricks: a hero’s status can be raised up to level 9 with enhancement. Keep enhancing your heroes to make them stronger. The secondary options of the equipment will get activated according to the enchantment level. When you find equipment with good secondary option, don’t forget to upgrade it. You can get a stronger hero through hero synthesis. Synthesis is only possible between heroes at maximum level and enhancement.
    Demon Blaze hacked
    Tutorial (wiki): at the shop, you can summon heroes and purchase goods. Most of the items you hack will be moved to your mailbox. Diamond cheat - it is a diamond known as the gem of God. It is a precious commodity that is not often seen. Win a PvP battle to get the medal of courage and acquire accessories. Figure out the most efficient tactics with heroes’ active and passive skill.

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    4. LrTHOa0MxiI1IGd - heart
    5. GlbfDu2JabY8T1k - evolve
    6. bVWdVV5b0FYzaI2 - premium hero summon
    7. ZSj9SLYQDMK3B7v - diamonds
    8. RD44KUg9zXzyU9m - fragments
    9. G0iKMlSwyPkTO0K - medal of courage
    10. AzFeMNuj82UTjzq - gift box
    11. aUzPel21ZNRga70 - 6 stars character
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