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    Heroes Of Dynasty cheat world: i can see the signal now. The tactics of the emperor Han Xin has begun. The king of Chu must be ensnared in perfect ambushes. Han Xin brought thirty thousand troops. If you deprive your leadership, the world will only remember Han Xin. You must be the one that ends Xiang Yu! I will always be with you! In this situation, it is impossible to lose to the Conqueror. He must be exhausted by the battle against Han Xin.


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    I am called an officer and i always follow my master. Officers will fight with their masters and dominate battlefields. SOme officers have powerful skills, it will help you in a battle. Officers have their unique abilities, they highly improve their master’s abilities. LDS increases master’s defense, STR increases attack, INT increases skill attack, and POL - health. Let us fight together, you will see the difference!

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    Characters: Guan Yu - he us a hero that makes battles go smoothly with his high DEF\HP and average attack. Xiahou Yuan - although his DEF and HP are low, he is a hero with ranged attack skills that deal high damage. All his skills activate abnormal status effects which can be a great advantage during battle. Da Qiao - althrough her DEF and HP low, she is a heroine who overwhelms opponent with fast speed, high critical rate and damage.
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    Your hero’s ability increases depending on an officer’s STR, LDS, POL, and INT. If an officer is defeated, the advantage to your hero will disappear. So please be aware of your officer’s health during battle. Use your castle as a stepping stone to defeat warlords around and your name will gain more fame. But your castle looks empty. You should have more victories in battle. While you are in battle, i will construct more buildings and gather more inhabitants to make here a better base.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: perform roll to dodge enemy’s attacks. Building takes a few minutes to prepare. While waiting, you can go to the scenario mode to gain fame by conquesting over yellow turbans. Purchased heroes will be listed on the right side. Filling all your hero slots will give you big advantage in battles. Officer equipment will be found in store, market, and hard mode scenarios.

    Heroes Of Dynasty Tricks: you have just obtained officer equipment. Do you know that higher ranked officers can equip higher ranked equipment? Equipping new equipment will give more ability advantages to your officer! But remember, removal of equipment will cost you, so beware before equipping. And legend equipment is only allowed for 6 star officers. legend equipment has its respective owner as well, so if the owner equips the item, additional advantage will be given. You can check the owner by tapping on the owner button.
    Heroes Of Dynasty hacked
    Tutorial (wiki): there are three kinds of skills: active, passive and special. Active - casted by tapping a skill icon. Passive - skills that always increase hero’s ability. Special - mounted skills and special move skills. Skill points are acquired when leveling up your hero. Copper powder - these types of items are called crafting materials. You can mount crafting materials into your weapons and equipment. When you have mountable materials, you will see an ! icon. You can be more powerful as you mount crafting materials on your weapons and equipment.

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