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    War Song cheat world: it’s great to see you here. I am your host, cheat-on. Before entering the battlefield, let’s learn some basic game commands. Every hero has their own unique abilities, which need to be unlocked and upgraded. Kill enemies to earn experience and increase your level. Upgrade your abilities or unlock new ones each time you level up. You’ve got enough ability points to upgrade all of your abilities to maximum level. Don’t skimp - use up those points as soon as you get them.


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    Watch out, there’s an enemy hero up ahead. Heroes are real players just like you. Our team is at the bottom left of the map, and anyone with a blue HP bar is an ally. Red HP bars signify an enemy unit. I trust you know what to do with them. Our ultimate goal is to destroy the almighty crystal core deep within the enemy base. Whoever can destroy that, wins.

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    Characters: Ivan (bomb maniac) - is one of the most infamous criminals of Canonpolis. He’s quirky and unpredictable. Compared with other colleagues in the rebel forces, Ivan has no goals or ambitions. He seems to have joined the cause just because he likes blowing things up. This makes his colleagues a bit skeptical of his devotion to the cause. Saxum - a statue erected in the depths of the Elven forest. It serves as the guardian of the forest. Eight years ago, it was awakened by the War of Evil spirits. Felt that the earth was eroded by some kind of force and set off to go to the island as a relic of the source of power.
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    Kaiden Michiko - eight years ago, the royal wizards of Heldes decided to offer an entire border town as sacrifices to summon demons from another world. The six year old Bertha was the one and only survivor from the city. Born to two young mages whose sharp magical sense allowed them to discover the truth earlier than the other residents, but not nearly enough to flee from the guarded city under a strict curfew. Nameless - a puppet show is an ancient art form that uses witchcraft to manipulate puppet movements. Because of its age, it has been lost for years in the East. Few pieces of literature and puppets remain. For some reason, our lead suddenly woke up without a puppeteer. It was a demon hunter before. It believed that the ancient world has awoken.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: The crystal is guarded by arcane magic and cannot currently be reached. The best way to smash through is to break all defensive turrets on 1 of the 3 lanes. Similarly, if our team loses all turrets in a lane, our crystal core will lose its defenses. The surest way is to spread the hero across all 3 lanes and steadily upgrade your hero. Select a lane to take and head down it.

    Tricks: Every matchmaking match can yield vast amounts of coin rewards. Keep on fighting and collect all your favorite heroes. Weapons: creeper - whenever physical damage is diven, the physical defense of the opponent - 6%, stack up to 5 times. Saumur dagger - at normal attack, dealt 100 magic damage to target. Hurricane blades - it is possible to comulate itself by physical attack, maximum of 10 times when attacking normally. Swift blade - when critical occurs, movement speed +20%. Ice pulse hammer - after use skills, the next normal attack becomes a crook as a range reduction and adds physical damage.
    War Song hacked

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