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    Warriors of Light cheat world: you’re finally here, i’ve heard of your name. Use virtual joystick to move. Come to my side. Here’s the commando boot camp. You can only become a member of the commando after passing the trial here. The enemies have appeared! Show me your strength, i’ll assist you at the appropriate time. CLick attack button when you are near the enemies. Skills are powerful, use them properly in the future battles.


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    Dodging at the right time is not easy to master. You shall practice it often in the future. Those damn goblins occupied the supply route from the Capital. The supplies for the Brave cannot be sent properly. Head to the route and take the supplies back! The quest is simple. Don’t you dare mess it up! Blitz unlocks after completing the stage with a 3 star rating. Auto combat allows you to auto attack surrounding enemies. It will make your battle much easier. However you still need to cast skills and dash manually! Conserving strength and storeing up energy. Cast your skill when you seize the chance.

    Warriors of Light cheats android, ios hack codes


    Characters: fighter - training in the arts of weaponry, fighters are always the vanguard on the battlefield. Mage - master of AOE elemental spells, mages can manipulate ice, fire and lightning elements to deal formidable damage. Ranger - skilled marksman from the forest. Rangers can use various shots to take down their preys. Priest - being blessed by the light, priest is a hybrid class doing healing, tanking and DPS at the same time.
    Warriors of Light gift box
    Don’t forget to upgrade your skills levels before rescuing the scout. Visit Hurgadin the Chief of the Blau’tors. He’ll teach you some technics to improve your combat skills. Passive skills can enhance the effect and damage of the corresponding active skill. You can upgrade the passive skills to obtain even better effects once you reach the specified level. Each battle will help you improve your skills. Perfect them to acquire new effects. You’ve just made the first step to a combat master.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: elite and expert stages drop hero shards. Heroes’ skills can also be upgraded. Purchasing monthly card grants super value benefits. You can tap the zoom button to zoom in the camera, or tap it again to zoom it out. There are more operation modes that can be set on the options page. Tap the pause button to open the options page. You can switch between the operation modes: touch or joystick. You can switch anytime according to your preference.

    Tricks: skill books (hero) drops from heroes charge. Sign up daily to collect your items! Reach certain level Vip to gain double rewards in typical days. Equipments can be enhanced. Through enhancement they can be stronger. But at first you still need to find enough materials. Enhancement is a necessary way to improve your strength! however you need to know that the enhancement may fail if the equipment level exceeds your character level.
    Warriors of Light hacked
    Tutorial (wiki): each equipment is like your partner. It has the spirit which grows after each battle. Forging equipment requires collecting specified materials. You can forge the equipment to the higher level once you collect all the materials. Every relic has undergone thousands of times steeling and tempering.

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