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    Project Hospital cheat world: first, your hospital needs a reception deck - requires a receptionist who directs patients to doctors. Select one from the corridor equipment menu. Left click once on the flashing line with the left mouse button to order one reception desk. Click the right mouse button to rotate the desk and place it down in your hospital with the left mouse button. You will also need a receptionist to deal with your patients. Left click on the flashing icon to see the receptionists currently available for work. That number on the icon indicates how many you have to choose from.


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    Decide which receptionist has a good ability and fair wage and employ her. Move the receptionist and place her anywhere. Cleverly, she’ll make her way to the desk. To start diagnosing your patient’s diseases you must build a CP’s office. To build a CP’s office you must first decide how big it is going to be. Click and hold the left mouse button while you drag out your room to size. Roob blueprint is red because it’s too small. Drag it out further to make it bigger. Move the mouse around the blueprint walls to put the door where you want it.

    Project Hospital cheats android, ios hack codes


    Place windows in the same way as the door. You don’t need windows, but your staff are happier when they’ve got something to look out of. You need a doctor to diagnose and treat the sickly folk. Have a good look at the abilities of each doctor before choosing one. Your doctors are going to need all the help they can get to diagnose some of these patients. You can assist them by clicking another diagnosis facility such as the general diagnosis room. Once you have diagnosed some of the patients you will need to build treatment facilities and clinics to cure them - a good one to start off with is the Pharmacy. You’ll also need a nurse to dispense the various drugs in the Pharmacy.
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    Last word of warning - keep a keen eye on your reputation - this is what will attract the patients from far and wide to your establishment. If you don’t kill too many people and keep them reasonably happy you shouldn’t have too much trouble on this level. You’ll need to employ a handyman to water the plants. A competing hospital has been opened in the area by ORAC.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: the psychiatry room cures mad patients and helps in the diagnosis of other patients, but needs a doctor with psychiatry skills. General diagnosis - a doctor uses the general diagnosis room for basic diagnosis of patients. Cheep and often very effective. Wards are useful for both diagnosis and treatment. Patients are sent here for observation and also recover from operations in a ward with a Nurse. Staff room - doctors and nurses relax in the staff room and become less tired.

    Tricks: toilet - patients feeling a call of nature will need to unburden themselves in the comfort of your toilet facilities. You can build extra stalls and wash basins if you expect a lot of visitors. In some cases, you might consider building further facilities elsewhere in the hospital. Build time - this is the time remaining before your hospital is declared open. Clicking the GO button will open your hospital immediately. Extra items in rooms make staff more comfortable and improves their performance.
    Project Hospital hacked

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