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    Maze Shadow of Light cheat world: in the beginning, God created the world crystal in darkness. And through the world crystal, Tera the vibrant world was created from the light of the world crystal. And from the center of the light, the Angelus was born. The Angelus created many living creatures, and kept the balance of peaceful and prosperous life. However, some corrupted Angelus with their endless desire polluted the world crystal, and the polluted world crystal created diabolus, the twisted souls of the Angelus.


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    The Diabolus were indiscriminate in destroying the Tera. Angelus Chief “Lumen” led an entire army to stop diabolus, but the strength were not enough to overcome them. However, Lumen eventually destroyed the polluted world crystal and purified few scattered crystals. Lumen imbued certain trusted followers with purified crystal energy to finish what was not yet done. And after many years of brutal fighting, Lumen and his followers slayed Diabolus and claimed victory. But ut’s not over yet. Tera was once again cast under an ominous shadow.

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    Once the light died down, the entire world was plunged into utter darkness. And the darkness gradually penetrated deep into the world of Tera. Many living creatures were consumed by the darkness, and gradually strange things began to rise up.
    I’ll enchant your equipments to ease the way of your future battles. There is a way to make your weapon one step higher. With upgrade stone, your weapon will be flawless. Upgrading will grant the equipment one higher grade. If you have not received your purchased items, try using the purchase restoration.
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    Characters: Resiak (warlord of the bluefang tribe) - the heir apparent of bluefang chieftain, only remaining tribe in Tera. Despite of his young age he’s clever and strong minded. Sina (the silent assassin) - is the master of the subterfuge and subtlety, silent knife always aim for vital spots to kill enemies instantly. Always seeking for answer of her wounded heart. Rai (successor of the tower of great knowledge) - she always gets curious but gullible, totally packed with whimsical. She can take something and transform it into something extraordinary. No one know, she might be hiding something mystical.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: survival skills are divided into defense and evasion. Tactically switching skills is the crucial key to survive intense battles. Upgrade materials can be found in the dimensional crack. Don’t miss it! You can only enter limited number of times a day. Raid bosses are formidable monsters, but the rewards are very generous. Learn the patterns quick! Because they’re not just monsters.

    Tricks: purchased items were not delivered? Try the purchase restoration! Blessing system - when you purchase gache with the bless mark, bless can be used before you reveal your result. By blessing, cards will randomly blessed to a higher grade. Hack gacha points and exchange them into bonus rewards. Maze story - there’re lots of unknown monsters. And deeper you go inside the more they will become stronger. You can also open hell gate in the Maze with the points you earned inside. Maybe some mysterious items will also appear.
    Maze Shadow of Light hacked

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