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    Tempest Citadel cheat world: awaken, captain. The time has come. We have travelled farther from our home than we could have dreamed. Everywhere i direct my optics and sensors, i can find none of the constellations or galaxies we saw in the skies above Terra. The stars are older here. The darkness of space is still pure. And the planet we were commissioned to colonise is nowhere in sight. In its place, the ship has taken us to a world whose like we have never seen. We entered orbit only minutes ago. After conducting repeated diagnostics test on our navigation and propulsion systems, my findings are conclusive: this is no mistake. Everything that they told us about this year long voyage was simply a lie. This planet is an always was our destination. And now something has taken control and is drawing us into the atmosphere.


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    From here on, i am no longer permitted to make executive decisions. This is why i have revived you early. You are the one who decides. I must ensure that any lingering effects of cryostasis have not impaired your consciousness, your reasoning, or your memories before i can relinquish control. Specific items of importance to your mission are stored in the Vault. These include items of significance to the mission, such as briefing documents, as wells as any historical or cultural data you may find in the planet. Selecting an item in the fragments list will highlight it in the collection. A summary of the item is found at the bottom and the full report is located to the right.

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    Captain, i realise you will still have many questions. This is not the time. The damage to our ship has rendered us unable to fly. And we are in danger. My sensor show multiple lifeforms of considerable size and number closing in on our location, likely drawn by the commotion of the crash. Their movements suggest feral wildlife. I do not need to say what the harshness of the environment would suggest of their disposition. My scans show that the damage is serious. The repairs will take time. Fortunately our cryo systems remain fully functional. We can immediately revive a small crew for the operation.
    Your crew has been in deep cryo sleep for their journey. Part of your crew has been brought into a lighter cryo suspension ready to be woken up, these crew members are listed on the left of this panel. Right click on a crew member to wake them ready for work.
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    Squad - your landing craft has a limited capacity for a squad members and auxiliary combatants. More advanced designs can expand this capacity. View the status of your active crew. Monitor food and quarters impact on morale. Manage your workforces - change kobs and view traits on this panel. Combat in Tempest citadel is about creating the best squad for each mission. Controlling your troops during battles is optional. Unlike an RTS, your troops can fight entire battles automatically. Their tactics are based on the equipment and abilities you assign them.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: map - you can view the whole planet from this panel. This world is largely a wilderness shrouded in storms, but when you detect sites of interest they will be marked on the map. The shaded area shows the range of your landing craft through the storms. Mission command - as captain, you decide which missions to undertake from the world map. Send your squad to investigate the site. You can change the squad’s tactical style and attack to favor different formations and weapons. TIme - launching the lander triggers fast time to give your ship time to travel. The current date and time controls are the top centre of the screen. Time is a valuable and limited resource in tempest citadel, if you waste too much time and don’t grow powerful your opponents will crush you.

    Tempest Citadel Tricks: in between missions it is your decision to spend time on projects at base, or advance time to get on with the campaign. Aftermath - you will usually be given the choice of viewing a battle report after a battle. This ranks the strongest units on each side and lets you know if anyone has been crippled or fatally wounded. If you have medic points you can spend them to heal your troops. Scavenging - explore underground bunkers for resources. Order your squad to explore and scavenge room by room. Anything you find is carried up to your ship. Grab as much as you can before the storms close in. Equipment - using this citadel as a abase you can get your research and engineering teams up and running. As this planet appears hostile you should develop a stronger weapon than pistols. Research and build the rifle. For best results build 6 to equip the whole squad.
    Tempest Citadel hacked
    Tempest Citadel Tutorial: Research Projects are grouped into topics called Research Spheres. New projects begin automatically as soon as they are available. Complete every item in lower Spheres to unlock new parts of the Research Tree. Sometimes you will need to construct a new Module or advance the Campaign to continue research in a Sphere. Before you can Loadout your Squad with equipment you must build it here. Construct new weapons and equipment from your scavenged Resources. The Core of the Citadel is protected by a large dome. It houses the remains of the ancient city as well as Modules deployed from your Interstellar Craft. You can restore the Citadel by building modules in the Core. Slots here are special purpose and will only accept the matching Module.
    Tempest Citadel cheats
    Tempest Citadel Wiki: Loadout - Here you can view or modify your combat unit's equipment. Left click on Auto to toggle. For Manual loadouts right click on equipment list to equip items. You can build Modules to extend the Citadel and provide places for your crew to work. If we are going to wake more crew from Cryo we will need new Food and Housing modules. Construct a new Module to supply Food. Expand your Citadel by constructing new Modules around the Citadel's Ring. Power and transport flows around the Ring connecting your Modules together. Ring Modules are based on new designs by your research team and you can place them where you like on the Ring.

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