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    Dead in Vinland cheat world:i’ve always had simple needs: a roof, a family, a peaceful life...But like the scalds sing, you can’t always get what you want. And what the gods gave me was fire and steel...Luckily, we were warned in time. I can’t forget the tears of my beloved Blodeuwedd when they burned down our house. We barely escaped on a stolen boat, with no map and no destination. They didn’t bother to follow us. No turning back. We were exiled. This is how our miserable journey began. We drifted for days. Depressed, hungry, lost - we thought we had reached the end of the world. When the gods sent us the most terrible storm. Our fate was decided. Death. Oblivion.


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    Then, we saw it, coming out of nowhere. Salvation? Or loki’s dirty tricks! The gods are playing with us. But, i just know that...We must survive! The family, still disoriented by the shipwreck, started to look around. They decided to walk away from the sad remains of their ship, and to explore the woods. The forest was as silent as themselves. The atmosphere was getting tense, when...Kari rushed to take the path, and the others followed her. They continued like this for almost an hour, when they finally found the end of the path, outside the forest. You look around for a while when you find three piles of dusty bones. One of them has a big hole in his skull.

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    This is a turn based game, so you can always take your time to think! Each day is divided into 3 phases: Morning and Afternoon, during which your characters can perform various tasks on the camp, and the Night when they discuss, eat, drink, and rest a little before the next day. Your most critical resources are your fire and your water. Always keep an eye on their level. When the fire is completely off, you can light the fire using 5 wood and 1 tinder. Once lit, you only need to feed it some wood, when its intensity decreases. Be careful though, without fire the family won’t hold for long, and tinder is pretty scarce!

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    They also can’t survive drinking non potable water, so it needs to be purified into potable water by boiling it. Notice the decrease of fire intensity in the process! These will definitely require some fine turned management. Now is the time to assign some tasks to your characters. There are still some supplies left in your shipwreck, someone should take care of scavenging it. All the characters can be accessed from the sidebar, and just need to be dragged and dropped onto an activity slot in the camp. Some stations have additional options available, accessible by clicking on the station Remember to look for these, especially when a new station has just been built. Click on the Workshop and choose a crafting plan.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: wood is a pretty resource, useful to keep the fire blazing and craft some more things. It’s probably a good idea to build a lumber camp as soon as possible. The workshop is currently damaged, which is indicated by the colour within the hammer icon on the station’s HUD. Click here to have a global view of the camp condition and be able to repair the stations. Every station (apart from Shipwreck and Expedition Camp) deteriorate a bit every night and every time they are being used by some characters. Lower condition means lower efficiency, so be sure to repair them frequently to keep them at maximum output!

    Dead in Vinland Tricks: last but not least, exploration. Remember, the family just arrived on an unknown island! Who knows what they will find? Resources, dangers, maybe even people? Finally, all the characters have something to do! You just need to let the time flow and observe the outcome of each activity. Click on the newly discovered area (marked with a red exclamation mark) to open it. Every area contains exactly one thing you can interact with. Find it and dick on it to display all the available actions. Most of these can only be used a fixed amount of time (e.g. x2), and the red ones indicate that you won't be able to do any other action afterwards. Please note that performing these actions won’t affect the time of the day, so you can do as many as you wish/can; you can also choose to keep some for later.
    Dead in Vinland hacked
    Dead in Vinland Tutorial (wiki): Some items are Usable, which means they can be used instantly on any character. Those are very helpful in keeping them up and running, so you should definitely remember to use them. You can access the Use Item popup via the sidebar, or by clicking directly on a character. Try using an item on the character who needs it the most (or because you have a personal preference, it’s up to you after all!). In order to manage properly the family's well-being and efficiency, your most valuable asset is the Character Sheet where you can find all the pieces of information you need about each character. You can access the Character Sheet via the sidebar, or by clicking directly on a character. Skills are grouped into 4 categories, each of which is being negatively affected by different elements of the health of the character.

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