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    Dead in Vinlandhealth, skill: the health of a character is composed of 5 distinct parts; if any of these goes all the way to 100%, the character dies. Every task in the camp is associated to a skill, and a character
    with a higher skill will yield better results. You should now be able to plan the next phase on your own, leaving the characters to their current tasks or swap them around depending on their skills and needs, use items, repair stations, etc. Once everything seems fine, just dick on the Next button to end the phase.


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    The sun is fading! Time for the family to make the final arrangements before the night, during which they will chat drink some water, eat a bit and sleep. There is nothing set in stone, but a good rule of thumb is to have some food, approximately 1 Potable water per person, and to be sure that the Fire intensity 's high enough so that it won't die down during their sleep. Just dick on the End day button when everything is taken care of.

    Dead in Vinland perks, medic points, insight.


    Characters: Erik - only ambition was to live a quiet family life and to enjoy simple pleasures. A good day of work, a fine beer at the fireside, to see his beloved daughter grow and blossom every year that passed; these were the only things that mattered. When Hagbard, brother of the old Jarl, sent men to burn his home, screaming "Death to the bastard!”, he quickly understood that the gods had another plan for him... And it was not a pleasant one. He managed to escape with some of his family, embarked on a small drakkar and fled the country. After seven days of eldritch storms, the poor vessel grounded far to the west, on an uncharted island at the end of the world. Eirik will do anything to protect his family in this new, but hopefully hospitable land. Yet the remorse for being the cause of all this suffering, that he feels deep inside, will last forever.
    Dead in Vinland wiki
    Every night, the characters will most likely be Dehydrated. The more Potable water you give them, the more likely they will rehydrate. Staying dehydrated means penalties, and the dehydration will worsen after the next day. If they reach Dehydrated 4 and are still not rehydrated that night, they will die. Drag and drop their allocated ration on each of them, and finally dick on the Next button. They also need to split whatever edible stuff they have. Different foods have different effects. Most of the food is perishable, so a good part of it will rot before the end of the night; they might be better off getting the most value out of it right now. Drag and drop food on each of them until satisfied, and proceed to the end of the night by clicking on the Next button.

    Dead in Vinland action point, initiative, skills

    Initiative - turn order is determined at the beginning of each turn, sorted by decreasing initiative. Equality results in a random order. As the order is determined only once per turn, any change to initiative values during a turn will only be taken into account for the next one. Sturdy - attacks on this character can’t land critical hits. Fights are turn based. Characters have an initiative value determining the turn order. Same initiative = random order. You can check the turn order at the top of the screen. It is refreshed at the beginning of each turn.

    Battle skills: each skill requires its character to be in a given row to be used. Each skill requires a fixed amount of action point (AP) to be used. They can easily switch between melee and range rows by using the move skill. But be aware that one can’t be considered in the range row if there isn’t anyone in the melee one! Skills can apply various effects, mostly buffs and debuffs. Also, notice that everyone has a chance to resist negative effects. You can always end your turn early to get 1 extra AP for the next turn (the character must have at least 1 ap left to do so).

    Dead in Vinland tutorial

    Natural resources are not infinite. Some stations rely on these; the more they are used, the less resources they will yield and the more strenuous the task will become. They will replenish over time, so it might be best to find some alternative sources in the meantime.
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