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    For the King cheat world: The land of Fahrul has enjoyed a golden age of unity and prosperity ushered in by King Bronner, a great hero and benevolent ruler. Sadly, in Bronner's twilight years, that golden age came crashing to an end. As unnatural forces of Chaos began to bloom across the land, Bronner was murdered in his palace at the capital city of Parid by a mysterious assailant. The bereaved Queen Rosomon stepped forth to shepherd the people of Fahrul through this dark time. With an unknown enemy in their midst and Chaos unleashing ancient forces of corruption and death, Rosomon's first act was to call on the heroes of old, who had helped Bronner keep the land peaceful for decades. Retired soldiers and knights took mounted swords down from where they hung over mantles, fetched creaky armor from sheds and cellars, and set out to save the world once more. Before long these old champions lay dead, their valor having finally failed them.


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    The one old hero Rosomon had most hoped to see was Mariglio Vexor, Bronner's oldest friend and former court wizard. Vexor was an expert on magic and Chaos energy, and would surely have a theory about these recent threats. But Vexor had vanished years ago, and she could only guess the wizard had met with a dark fate of his own. Rosomon had no choice but to call on the ordinary citizens of Fahrul to accept a great burden: leave their homes, abandon their vocations, and seek throughout the world in search of the source of these troubles. In so doing she has entrusted the survival of her kingdom, of the very civilization of the world, to the citizens themselves. And, though many will surely perish in the quest, the citizens clamor to answer the call of their beloved Queen.

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    First the wizard Vexor vanishes, then my own husband was slain in his palace. You may be the last hope of Fahrul. Seek out hildebrant in woodsmoke. You will be told how best to aid our efforts. Once you receive your quest, you must complete it within 14 rounds. Otherwise our kingdom will be consumed by chaos. Services: Inn - staying at the Inn will regain a modest amount of HP and focus. Meditation - guided meditation will restore all focus points. Healer - a visit to the healer will fully restore health points and remove ailments. Blessing - the process of blessing removes all curses. Pipe smith - upgrade your pipe to get the most out of herbs.
    For the King gift box
    Teleport scroll - allows the users to instantly travel to any visible land. Identify scroll - reveals the identity of any unknown landmark. Dancing nettle - use this herb while traveling to gain additional action points. Use it in combat to increase attack speed. Purify scroll - this spell will remove any toxins from the targeted area. Tinder pouch - use to create a camp at which all party members may heal and regain focus. Book of Lore - a rare manuscript of Fahrul’s storied history. Can be used to unlock secrets throughout the land.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: hunters can move quickly and quietly through the wilderness making them excellent couriers and quest runners. Safe camp - these lands have been secured and will provide safety to adventures for a short period of time. Every time you defeat an enemy there’s a chance it will drop its weapon as loot.

    Tricks: exchange lore earned in game to unlock special items, places, events, and characters. Each locations provides something unique to aid in your quest. Dark carnival - offer an assortment of high risk games to those with a carnival ticket. Trainer - can increase the stats of your party in exchange for gold. Unlocking these will add them to your pool of possible encounters during your travels. They can be a sight for sore eyes.
    For the King hacked
    Tutorial (wiki): recruit a new character to help aid you in battling the forces of chaos. Each character class brings a unique mix of skill and ability. Add items to characters and they can appear as quest rewards, shop items or loot drops. Ensure that your characters are properly equipped. Night market (point of interest) - have many exotic items for sale that cannot be found anywhere else. But only at night, of course. Unlocking these location will provide new options for your adventures.

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