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    Summoner Awaken cheat world: it is not the time to relax my hero. Devil is attacking! Come on, they need your help! Legend states that some people have God power in their blood. You may be the one. We are getting the final victory. You gotta destroy the crystal that maintains the portal. I need you to recall that power feels.


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    Real epic magic MMORPG. Six original main jobs. Awaken blood, awaken powerful forces. Unique mount explore world. Thousands player PVP strive to be the best PK. Gorgeous day and night system bings the best visual. New secrets gameplay: tutorial, wiki, tricks

    Summoner Awaken cheats android, ios hack codes

    • Mage - as a master of elements, she can summon flames and frost to attack enemies. She gets dragon force if awakened.
    • Paladin - born with holy power, he can both heal allies and burn foes in fight. He gets angel force.
    • Magic sworman - a lonely swordsman, who control the magic and sword. Make a clean sweep of all obstacles once he raised his sword.
    • Gunner - crazy about firearms and is good at using them. Agile and accurate.
    • witch - cute little God of death. She summons armies from hell and harvests lives with scythe.
    • Assassin - wielding dual swords, being very fast with high crit. He always gives surprise attack.
    Summoner Awaken gift box
    • Doomsday - jump to deal 450% damage, stun foes for 2 seconds. Reduce CD by 1 second once 1 enemy is hit.
    • Tornado - rotate to attack enemies nearby. Deal 600% DMG in total, reduce enemies’ SPD by 50%.
    • Life reaper - deal 250% DMG to 3 foes. Regain 5% HP in each hit (get 1 extra use time per 8 seconds, 2 times at most).
    • Soul reaper - drag foes toward self.
    • Execution - attack from foes, deal 360% DMG, reduce foe’s move SPD

    Summoner Awaken secret code hack tips

      Tip, android gameplay secrets:
    • manually locked gears will not appear in dissolve bar.
    • Get challenge coins from instances and void coins from time limited events, and exchange them for cool pets.
    • Defeat enemies with awake force
    • show off the gears you earn from instances
    • Friends bring more fun to the game.
    • unlock 1 skill each time you upgrade by 5 level. Click on the skill to use it. Different skills should be used in different occasions

    Tricks: why not exchange diamonds for other players with gears or stuff? Original pet features, when the main task to activate the horse function, you can summon pets to fight together. Fire dragon, snow bear, storm horse and more cool riding pets are waiting for you! New codes: gold, pets treasure, stars, ticket, epic divine, diamonds, jackpot, super month card, void coin, level up, upgrade, evolve
    Summoner Awaken hacked

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    1. 9mZoHLbKtrHaLS3 - gold
    2. pJUvo2dV9X0XVBF - pets treasure
    3. tf7NlEIlH45alMm - stars
    4. 5I7xGTqstY4rkwZ - ticket
    5. jXviycLLOrIgyKF - epic divine
    6. YllUcMLJPXVYz4d - diamonds
    7. pWefCj15jZpJFQw - jackpot
    8. RNtgmyjZHQKWHdW - super month card
    9. NwKXeMr6W9SfKNi - void coin
    10. eILUPWhtnkpofee - level up
    11. GGHtKgpkKJgLckk - upgrade
    12. fRoPpwaRGSBjXW0 - evolve
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