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    Old Clockmaker's Riddle cheat world: late one evening i read a letter that never reached its intended recipient. A Mr Ryan was writing to his nephew about the dying town he lived in. Though not his nephew, i was a curious and kind hearted person and i hurried to the mysterious town. In the hope of dinding Mr Ryan and, if not helping him then at least letting him know about the undelivered letter.


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    I was thinking about the letter all the way. I wondered why the clock had suddenly stopped. What surprised me most was the fact that the town started falling apart when the clock began running backwards. Here is the town. Finding myself at the town bridge, i saw a picture i couldn’t describe. I hurried to the only house that remained intact not far from the town.

    Old Clockmaker's Riddle cheats android, ios hack codes


    Many things are still a secret to me but i’m sure some magical machinery is the reason behind all that has happened. These magical inventions appear to take lifetime away. I have tried to return the town to its former beauty so many times and though i thought i had found out what to do, i’ve not had any luck. Every house has its own mechanism with lots of gems that hold the lost lifetime in the form of clock hands. Your task is to find them.
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    A building can be restored by bringing back its lifetime. If you want to give it a try, you need to cross the town bridge. The townsfolk can’t get back to their houses until the bridge is fixed. Make a match of 3 or more gems in a row to destroy them. Swap them using the cursor. Collect all the clock hands on the field to complete the level. Make several matches of gems to get tokens that can be spent for upgrades.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: bonus level - the aim is to collect all the clock hands using the gems on the field. New gems will not appear. You have several lives to solve the riddle and no time limit on this level. You can skip the bonus level if you wish. YOu can’t make combinations with metal gems, they can only be destroyed by using certain skills and bonuses.

    Tricks: now you can go into the town. More complicated multi level mechanisms await you there, through. I’m not very good at solving riddles, but i can make useful tools out of the gems. They will help you to solve the riddles. Use the hammer to smash regular gems or the icy covering them.
    Old Clockmaker's Riddle hacked

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