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    Royal Blood cheat world: this is tale of the kingdom of Nostren, the legion, and the eternal war over the Halidom. Three hundred years ago, during the first great war, Harslan, the founding king of Nostren, channeled the power of the Halidom to emerge victorious against the legion. He then banished the legion to the Stygian Isles. The legion lay dormant, shackled by the isle’s darkness for aeons, and eventually, mankind forgot their existence. But one day, the legion returned.


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    Controlling the power of a demonic relic known as the dark prism, the legion broke free from the Stygian isle’s shackles and returned to the surface - realm.
    The Halidom, an artifact of legends lost in the tides of time, appeared to mankind as a beacon of hope during a time of darkness and chaos. In its wielder’s hands, the Halidom shone with righteous fury and the forces of legion crumbled in its wake. THus began the adventures of a king who became legend.

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    • warrior - through sheer strength and stamina the warrior dominates the front line, an unbreakable force that shields his allies and crushes his enemies.
    • Ranger - a weapon in each hand, the ranger dazzles his enemies with his swift attacks and outstanding dexterity. With the eyes of a hawk and a body that floats like a feather, he unleashes a storm of bullets.
    • Mage - a rare master of both flame and frost, the mage commands power unmatched by all but the most legendary of magic users. To underestimate the gleaming frost and dancing flames is to count instant death.
    • Bard - weaves her magic though enchanted melodies that flow from an instrument blessed by the ancients. Her piercing tunes tear apart her enemies while her soft, sweet melodies bestrow life upon her allies.
    Royal Blood gift box
    • Tap the auto equip button to make setting your equipment much easier. It’s quite a useful tool, so be sure to remember it well. However, using auto equip will equip the equipment with the highest combat power first. For accessories, set effects may disappear, so be careful.
    • When an health points recovery potion is used once, it’ll automatically recover your health point when it drops below a set percentage. The percentage at which HP recovery potions are used automatically can be changed in settings.

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      Tip, android gameplay secrets:
    • the mage’s class skill set is specialized to incapacitate nearby enemies
    • Using class skill sets wisely will earn you a higher contribution level.
    • See the main activities of the day in daily activities.
    • Using many HP recovery potions will increase your potion level. HP recovery potions can be created using herbs.
    • Bosses are unaffected by status effects due to super armor. If you break a Boss’s super armor it uses a penalty skill, you can incapacitate it. When the boss icon burns red, get ready for a penalty skill. Deplete the super armor gauge to stop the boss’s penalty skill.
    • The warrior’s class skill set is specialized in defense and attracting the target’s attention

      Royal Blood Tricks:
    • Each class has its own unique class skills that can be used! Class skills are particularly useful in party play. Use switch skill sets to work together with your ally and take down the boss. Acquire prisms through daily activities.
    • Make sure to remember the following attack methods: auto attack, auto skill, and manual attack. Selecting auto skill will allow skills to be used automatically. However, energy will not be consumed. During manual attack, first off, you will not attack enemies. use this when you want to avoid enemy encounters. Auto skill will attack nearby enemies without using skills. In exchange, you won’t be able to use skills whenever you choose. Use these 3 battle modes to effectively deal with enemies.
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      Royal Blood Adventure:
    • quest - carry out missions scattered throughout the region to increase your achievement points. In quests, you defeat monsters in each region or collect useful resources. Quests aren’t the only thing you can do in the field. You can also do flash quests.
    • Flash quests - contribute to solving cases that occur throughout the region to increase your points. Flash quests are the most effective way of increasing your AR, so make sure to take part in them often. Various Flash quests happen at regular intervals in each region. Participating in these will allow you to team up with other players on the field to stop enemy attacks. You can acquire various rewards such as experience, terracores, and achievement points through flash quests. As you progress through the main story, you’ll sometimes bump into FQ restrictions! Otherwise, you can choose whether to participate in FQ. Choosing to participate in a flash quest will instantly warp you to the area where it takes place. Once you’re finished, you’ll automatically be teleported back to where you were before.
    • Mission events - carryout special missions in 5 player co-ops to gain achievement points.
    Completing quest nets you experience and points so make sure to go lots of them.
    Royal Blood adventure

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    8. uFBVQZ6mNL1t74p - month card
    9. x9W14EiY5gWJ1IZ - diamonds
    10. NFLMwSIDexlhuZk - crystal gem
    11. Y4VFmASIJLxHRjx - energy
    12. 0B5i2W6NIgyZNZP - achieveme points
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