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    Steampunk Tower 2 cheat world: Greetings. Commander! I’m Lord Cheat-on. Welcome to my last shelter. It’s a secret base which was designed to support our main weapon: aircraft Carrier for One Big Battle Tower. This war is a testament to my failures, but I'm an old man and I must rely upon a skillful military man to set things right. Anyway, your task is simple - The Cult must be destroyed! We have detected the cult’s reconnaissance scouts not far from our base. They are moving in our direction.


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    Our base - as you can see, there are only main buildings here, but we are planning to build a whole city. Open the global map for choosing battle missions. Storyline missions are symbolized as red icons. Random skirmishes with the enemy are yellow. Special battle missions are blue. Enter the laboratory to upgrade the turret. Here you can see all the upgrades available for every tower. We need a particular amount of details to get an access for each upgrade. Drag and drop the specific detail to the research area.

    Steampunk Tower 2 cheats android, ios hack codes


    Each turret has a steam bar. When the turret is ready you will see a blue glow - click on it and drag the aim on to the enemy. The turret will make a super shot. Attention, commander! There is some important information about our base. The laboratories allow us to produce new types of turrets. Living districts generate money. The upgrade of the main factory will lead to the rise of the entire city’s technological level. In other words we are ready to make heavy guns, but before that we need to build the laboratory for heavy cannons.
    Steampunk Tower 2 gift box
    Corruption has soaked half of Europe . From time to time we will receive random missions where we should fight with the Cult army, fanatics or suppress rebellions. Turrets need ammo. To speed up turret reloading, move them to the centre of the tower. Middle quartal - residential neighbourhood for clerks, assistant engineers and apprentices. Adequate standard of living for small taxes.

    Steampunk Tower 2 secret code hack tips

    Tip, android gameplay secrets: train station - the main transport hub of our city. The improvement of the railway station will allow to send agents on longer distances. The trains with supplies also come here. There are 3 types of missions: military, diplomatic and spy missions. Hangar - here is the same situation like in armory. You can get details in missions. Drag and drop details to the research area.

    Tricks: battle bonuses - here you can buy charges for super weapons or the steam ray as well as buy bonuses for the current mission. The industrial centre is the heart of every steampunk city. Modernization of this building affects the technology level of the whole city and improves the quality of citizens’ life. Upper quartal - residential district for scientists, engineers and doctors. Favourable conditions for living, but also high taxes.
    Steampunk Tower 2 hacked

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