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    Maelstrom cheat world: a captain wants to join you. Captains are equippable on a ship of the same race. They grant unique gameplay abilities. Unlock more captains by leveling up. Captains add powerful abilities called tricks to any ship they’re aboard! Click the portrait to assign. Upgrade a ships equipment by spending gold and upgrading it’s tier. Customize the ship’s cannons and equipment.


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    • Ashborne - has cripplingly powerful broadsides. She boasts good speed but if vulnerable to punishment on her fore and aft.
    • Thunderhead - hits the hardest of any dwarf ship and boasts good armor. Low maneuverability leaves her vulnerable to long range fire and nimble ships.
    • Bloodfin - is a destructive battering ram with the highest firepower of any Orc ship. Her aft armor is poor and she’s vulnerable at range so she must close in to be effective.

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    Captain: Brick Saltspine - uses his mastery of explosives to set traps. He excels at controlling narrow areas of water. Kellbreaker mine - Brick launches buoyant water mines to both sides of the ship. Mines will arm after a duration and detonate on any ship making contact, deals area damage. Bowbreaker - short range cannons with high damage, low accuracy and long reload. Crew culler - specialized cannons for killing crew. Granite Heart - standard dwarf cannons that pack a punch.
    Maelstrom gift box
    Minimap - in the lower right corner of the HUD, you will find a minimap. This minimap displays the map for the current match from a top-down perspective. You can use the minimap to track various information such as enemy ships, sea monsters, dead waters and upgrades.
      Minimap icons:
    • blue wedge - your ship.
    • red wedge - enemy ship within vision
    • gold star - boons (upgrades) which can be picked up.
    • red skull - sea monster
    • red area - the area dead waters will expand to next
    • black area - current dead waters area
    • white swirl - maelstrom
    Maelstrom tricks
    Maelstrom Currents & maelstroms: Maelstrom's ocean is constantly moving, and is home to many powerful currents. Currents appear as streaks of rough, white water moving in a certain direction. Entering a current will speed your ship along in the direction of the current - or slow you down if you're sailing against it. Smart use of currents is essential to effectively moving around the map and can provide a big advantage in combat. When powerful currents form in a particular area, they create a Maelstrom. Maelstroms are huge swirling circular currents. Unlike regular currents, Maelstroms don't just push you along - they also suck your ship down toward the center of the Maelstrom. This pull gets stronger the closer you get to the center. Being pulled to the middle of a Maelstrom is certain death, and will crush even the toughest ship.
    Maelstrom hacked
      tutorial, wiki:
    • When boarding while in a current, the current will continue to push both ships along. If only one ship is in the current, this may cause the ships to pull apart and end the boarding action early.
    • You can always sail against a current, but your speed will be reduced significantly.
    • Maelstroms are very useful for maneuvering quickly, but be careful of fighting within - its easy to fall too close to the center! The most efficient way to exit a Maelstrom is to sail at slightly more than a right angle to the current (100-110 degrees).
    • Currents will push treasure and other items along - if loot falls into a current, expect it to continue moving!

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      Tip, android gameplay secrets:
    • make sure to check the minimap periodically to know where the dead waters will end up next, lest you be taken unawares and end up unable to escape.
    • Pay attention to where gold stars appear. Since enemy ships drop Boons on death, an attentive player can track where combat is occuring
    • Good situation awareness will save you from many a sticky situation. Even if you’re winning a one on one encounter, watch the map to see if opportunistic enemies are closing in or you’re venturing close to a dangerous area.

    Bloodfin - Strange monsters and beasts abound at the edge of the world. Built by the shamanistic ores who straddle that brink, Bloodfin is crafted from a mighty totem obtained in the legendary Kraken Hunts. The orcish tribes who live at the edge of the world are a mystery to even their brethren. Their shamans profess to speak to and control the great beasts of the sea, and their ships arc imbued with a strange power by totems of mighty sea monsters. Such ships rarely leave their remote waters, but for reasons unknown one such ship, known as Bloodfin for the beast whose skull adorns its prow, has recently been seen in battle. Bloodfin is imbued with a strange magic, moving faster when it is damaged. The skull which makes its prow is impossibly hard, and can crush any ship it rams into.
    Maelstrom hacked
      Maelstrom Tricks:
    • Blood fins inherent passive ability “Bear Down" grants a quick burst of speed when any damage is taken. In order to outrun her, damage her sails with Chain Shot or avoid firing first.
    • Bloodfin has a large complement of cannons, strong crew, decent armor and decent maneuverability, allowing her to be highly flexible in combat.
    • Bloodfin deals very high ramming damage for a ship of its class, able to nearly destroy small ships in a single hit at maximum strength. Consider using Hardpoints and Mates that allow for easier ramming to make the most of this capability.
    • When facing Bloodfin, take advantage of her extremely weak aft armor if possible.
    • Tier X - Vengeance: The more damage the hull has taken the faster the ships cannons reload.

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