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    Hard Era The Fantasy Defence cheat world: there you have to hold waves of enemies that attack gates of the castle. There are barracks at your disposal where you can hire units and combine them to squads. Buy one soldier by putting him into squad panel. Unit parameters you can know by pointing at him at barrack menu. Assembled squadis headed outside the gates.


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    There is enemy scout on the road. He doesn't hurry to attack, let's take him out. There is a banner undery our squad that show sits current state. With its help you can control the squad. For that take the banner and pull it to the place where you want your people to move. All units move on squares, each side in turn. Units start to attack when reach the enemy. Scout has fallen, but seems like there is a backup. Faster, come back to the castle walls.

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    Castle cant handle with attackers by itself, but it can help you hold on in defense. We need to prepare to next attack. Hire new soldiers in barrack. Press the button with sword icon. You can change units order in the squad. For that pull the soldier to the new place. You can also delete soldier from the squad if you press on it with right mouse button. When the squad is complete press button “accept”.
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    To fix the camera on the squad, click on the red flag. This is useful to quickly return the camera to the squad. Some units have special abilities. Click on the archer, and select the skill from the menu, When you open a menu of skills, game paused. You can also stop the game at any time by clicking on the button with a picture of an hourglass. The ability needs recharging, then it can be used again. Survive until the end of the wave.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: you can use magic - to open the menu of spells click on the button at the bottom left corner. Strong detachment of the enemy is coming, protect the gate with magic. To cancel chosen spell press right mouse button. If you are not in pause mode, you can notice the spheres of aman, and by clicking on the, you fill up the scale of magic. Unfortunately, pause makes them invisible.

    Tricks: recently we controlled the whole road ahead. It’s time to win back our territories. Swordsman have a new ability - to push enemies on two squares. hire a squad in barracks. When you push all enemies out of outpost, the capture will begin. Hold the position until there is our flag above the outpost. CLick on the button with scales icon, select a tower from the menu and set it to the outpost. If you make a mistake during the recruitment of squad, you can remove the soldier from the list by clicking on the right mouse button.
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