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    Ocean Legend cheat world: come on, Europe is getting closer, we’re about to go home. Hold regular attack button storage to achieve maximum range. White indicates the maximum fire range, blue indicates the attack range, red indicates that shells are being reloaded. It is also possible to rotate, aim, long tap attack to increase the fire range (can’t exceed maximum range) during a common attack. Pay attention to starboard! Prepare the cannon on the right side! When an enemy ship appears on one side, the canons on this side will automatically take it into account when firing.


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    • Spain - under the rule of the Habsburg dynasty, Spain not only expanded its territory in Europe but also shifted its conquest to the Atlantic Ocean.
    • Dutch - the great wealth brought by the new route has made this new business country have the hope of breaking the shackles and running to the new life.
    • England - the island states, who were isolated from overseas, put all their bets on the nautical age. Her future is bright as the glow of the North sea.
    • Portugal - brave Lusiadas navigator, let the small Portuguese edge of Europe, first arrived in the other side of wealth.
    • France - the once european hegemon was late in the voyage, but the glory of France would bloom in the sea.

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    Click both sides of compass to adjust the direction of the ship. Loose fingers - when you are about to open fire, the cannons will fire to the side where the enemy ship is and to both sides (at the same time) if there are enemy ships on both sides. When the team enter the battle stage, team members don’t have to follow their team captain into battle. Click the skill to view the skill information.
    Ocean Legend gift box
    tax free goods are available for transactions carried out at the ports among the alliance or within the territory. In the scene, long press, green shield the interface to turn on the view mode. Having the entry permit will be able to navigate by unlocking the fog on the map. Level up nobility will not only give out a better title, but it will also improve your stat.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: gold personages can get higher properties by using the Metallurgy reagent. Enhance, and there is a probability of extra SFX. The flagship is equipped with an average level of more than 3 to get a special name plate. Click the anchor button again to have the shipyarding. Interaction with Pub girls will increase acquaintance.

    Tricks: when the team enter the battle stage, team members don’t have to follow their team captain into battle. During the sailing, may trigger full sails event, and when the charging is full, click speed up. Can use to expand low level ships with the same high level ships, the performance must e improved and retain the skills and modification.
    Ocean Legend hacked

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    11. fH0Du66uOrZfKO2 - gift box
    12. q6CSJAFz15o3vXA - premium pack
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