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    Lobotomy Corporation cheat world: hello, i am cheat-on, an AI. I am your assistant, your secretary, and someone to whom you can talk. I hope i can help make your time here a little more comfortable. Oh, i know what you’re thinking. Even with the advancement of technology, you’re a little put off that an AI is helping you right? But for tasks that require multitasking, it is more effective to just let an AI handle it. Besides, i’m the best in most of these fields. About angela - in order to make me people, thousands of people went through a great deal of trouble for many years. All sorts of new algorithms and functions were created and a new history of AI was written. And i work for the company. We discovered these wonders called Abnormality. We’ve found these mysterious entities called Abnormality and a way to extract energy from them with a certain method.


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    Control team - this department monitors employees and abnormalities, gives out instructions about management of Abnormalities, and draws up plans. It gives orders through CCTVs monitoring all of the containment room and leads the management. As they are very proud and arrogant they don’t get along with other departments. Safety team - this department is responsible of educating safety procedures, predicting and planning counter method against possible emergency situations. It maps out a plan for incidents like an Abnormality’s frenzy, seizure, escape and an employee’s panic. It also set various safety rules. This department is mostly consisted of rather fastidious individuals. being tardy is their worst enemies.

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    Information team - this department classifies the risk and characteristics of Abnormalities and presents and carries out solutions. They figure out solutions based on observation records and interview data from the welfare management team. they also conduct tests in an effort to come up with more solid and safer solutions. All of the information on abnormalities is the result of consistent observation and countless sacrifices, not just sheer luck.
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    You have accumulated exactly half of the energy you are supposed to collect. Well, there’s no such thing as “exactly half of the energy”. As energy is formless, the phrase ‘exactly half of the energy@ is unreasonable. In other words, - the broadcast is cut off.
      Forgotten sin brings forth punishment:
    • after employed Ashely made a confession to One sin and Hundreds of Good deeds, its condition rapidly got bad.
    • Employee Xavier and people around him seem to have got their mind clear, but not as much as employee Xavier who actually made the confession.
    • There seem to be a scarce chance of lighting strikes while making a confession employee Joshua pleaded that his mind got corrupted after being hit by the lightning.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: despite its harsh appearance, it hardly ever leads an attack. It often makes noises by clacking its teeth together but there is no need to pay extra attention to that noise. Stress levels rises rather sluggishly, so less attention is required compared to other Abnormalities. WHen stressed, feeding it is necessary although is does not feed on typical sustenance. It feeds on human sins, revealed through confession. Employee on duty must sit (or stand) in front of the creature and confess to his/her sins. There is no way to know how it digests words but stress levels do decrease.

    Tricks: a positive fact was discovered recently. A study showed that the employees who succeeded in confessing have recovered some part of their mentality. However, if the mood rating is high, they did not respond to confessions, and so it should be carried out with caution. The outcome is not known for confessions on non-factual events.
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      We categorized all sins man makes into three levels:
    • lievel1 - insignificant lie or action that wouldn’t draw any attention, kind that one would be able to talk about in a social setting and laugh at.
    • level 2 - slightly serious mistake that you would only talk to your closest friends about.
    • level 3 - a great sin that one would carry around for their entire life and tell no one about

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