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    Third Front cheat world: Economic - in this section you can improve your economy! The most important building is central district, the level of all other buildings depends on it. Army - in total, you have four types of military units, each type has its own unique characteristics. These are our available infantry squads, each of them has three main parameters: number, damage and ammunition, as well as the effectiveness of the attack against other types of units. First, form one unit of scottish infantry division. It confronts the infantry of the enemy quite well, but is completely ineffective against aviation.


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    The correct choice of units is the main key to victory. even if your army is huge, you can’t win without a properly chosen tactic. We need to expand our offensive military power against enemy military equipment, for this purpose. Tank:m3 lee will do an excellent job. Comrade general, our scouts just reported that soon our city will be attacked! There is nowhere to retreat, the capital is behind us. Intelligence reports that the enemy withdrew from this region a lot of troops to strengthen the blockade of another city. It’s time to strike back and weaken the enemy’s rear.

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    Detachments of the opponent are this part (top). Mindfully study its composition in order to inflict maximum damage on enemy units in the first battle. And bottom is our detachments. Let’s look at the strengths and weaknesses of unit. As we can see, our infantry inflicts good damage on enemy infantry detachments, so we will choose it. When the squad is selected, we are looking the right opponent for it. After each attack, our unit number is declining, and the ammunition is also reduced. When this number drops to zero, the card will leave the battlefield.
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    WHile our enemy is discouraged by our swift attack, it is necessary to strike again and consolidate our progress. Alas, our infantry is not very effective against enemy tanks. In another situation, we would do the otherwise by choosing another detachment to attack, but now we have no other choice but to attack the enemy with all remaining forces. Yes, it won’t be the most effective attack, but in this way we will provide us the advantage for the next attack. Our enemy suffered small losses, and now it won’t be difficult for our tanks to destroy the enemy.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: before each attack, you should also pay attention to the damage that the opponent can deal to our types of the army in order to minimize the losses. Tactics and a thoughtful strategy - that’s what the outcome of the battle depends on. Now the main thing is not to stop at what has been achieved, and step by step to go to complete victory. Don’t forget that our enemy is also moving, and that the enemy will regularly strive to win back our territories. Build fortifications in the conquered cities, develop the economy. Also, diversionists can get into your territory: take all measures for their capture and neutralizations. Good luck to you and forward to victory!

    Tricks: don’t forget to take care of the reinforcements before the next battle. We need to conquer as many areas as possible in the near future, otherwise the enemy can seize our last stronghold. Unfortunately, you couldn’t find the enemy diversionist, and he managed to escape. But the most unpleasant thing is that he will now keep the low profile, and most likely will escape unnoticed. According to our reconnaissance data, this region will be receiving fines from the diversionist’s action for a couple of days.
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