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    Fort Triumph cheat world: “the goblins are here! To arms!”, shouts echo from the village. Four young heroes hear the shouts from the small clearing nearby “Tink Dey gut meat?” gutters the Savage. “I dare hope so, we’ve been walking these woods for a week. I’ve got blisters nothing short of a fireball won’t care” responds the mage, heroically.


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    Meanwhile, in a place not far away but definitely less sunny, an unlikely encounter is taking place as a party of friends, buried together, suffers a rade awakening at the bands of goblins, seemingly bent on traversing their patch of eternity to reach the surface of some village. You have led a great life, rife with adventure and glory, and you will not have these green fleshsacks desecrate your resting place.

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    Overwatch - attacks the first enemy that moves in sight. The attacked target does not have any cover bonus. Move closer and use whirlwind to easily dispose of the goblin warrior behind the cart wheel. Whirlwind - pushes a unit or object in sight. Fireball - once unleashed, fire spreads across the battlefield, with no care for alliances, friend or foe. Use brace to reduce the damage inflicted to character.
    Fort Triumph gift box
    Kick - shoves away or knocks down an object. When a unit hits (or gets hit by) an object or another unit, it gets stunned, preventing it from acting during its next turn. A dishonourable yet effective close range attack against a single target. Bloodlust - the savage becomes frenzied, doubling the damage inflicted by and to her. Does not cost AP when there are no activated enemies. Does not cost AP to deactivate. Dash and slash - allows the savge to move one more time before erforming an action.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: orange outline indicates that the action will end your turn. You got hit by a filthy goblin! The health orb indicates how much health you have left. Harry! Take cover behind the tree. Your chances to hit enemies in cover are low. You must flank this enemy. Injured heroes can drink potions to regain 5 health. Knock down the column so you can cross the river.

    Tricks: The goblin dropped a key. Keys can be used to unlock chests, cages and doors. Use tab to switch between heroes who have action points. Press end turn button on the bottom left to end your turn. The goblin archer used overwatch. Moving within its sight will cause it to attack. As the goblin archer is behind cover, kick the marked.Put character on overwatch, which will cause her to attack the other goblin if it comes out of cover. To use overwatch, double click on that ability.
    Fort Triumph hacked

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