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    Demon's Rise Lords of Chaos cheat world: the demon prince, Morkarn, has brought the kingdoms of the north to their knees. His army of demons, beastmen and tribesmen have cut a swathe through the lands of men, dwarves and elves. You and your warband have been at the head of every battle, bringing fear and death to the civilized realms in his name. Now only the barony of Aelderwood stands against you. Their baron, Aedin the Proud, has foolishly marched his armies out to face you. Morkarn has given you the honour of crushing this final northern kingdom...


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    Aedin the proud, Baron of Aelderwood, has marched his small army out to face us. His army has made camp at Tarn’s bridge. Lord Morkarn wishes to destroy him here and complete the conquest of the north. With you and your warband at the fore, be has led the entirety of his horde to meet and crush Lord Aedin’s army in a single attack.

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    • Herarii Shamaness - are a tribe that has been at war with the baronies of the northern kingdoms for countless centuries. This unending war has brought their numbers close to the point of extinction. In desperation, they turned to death magic and necromancy to refill their ranks. Now their shamans rule their society and use their dark magic to brink endless tides of the dead to the Herarii battle lines. Powerful, ruthless and able to wield a nightmarish form of necromancy, these wizards are feared and hated more than any other in the northern kingdoms.
    • Werebear - are an ancient race who pledged themselves to the dark gods long ago to escape extinction. Massive creatures that enjoy an unnatural vitality and strength, they are ever at the fore of the dark god’s armies. With a ferocity that borders on insanity, Werebears tear into their foes on the battlefield. Many become mindless. many become mindless berserkers and are then as dangerous to their allies as they are to their enemies.

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      Demon's Rise Lords of Chaos Demon knight - when a warrior devotes himself entirely to the dark gods, they sometimes bless him with so many of their gifts and boons that they rise far above the power of other mortals. The bounds of the flesh and time no longer hold them in check and they wield dark magic and demonic blades with equal ease. Stalking the lands of the south as titans, these warriors bring ruin and death to those that defy their gods.
    • Blood shaman - the shamans of the northern tribes are the channel between their people and their gods. Formidable warriors in their own right, they also focus the anger and joy of battle from their gods down to their followers. They invoke dark spells to whip up their followers into a frenzy, magnifying their bloodlust, rage and power many times.
    • Volcrate - the beastmen known as Volcrates are a merger of amn and hawk. Created by the demons of the old gods, they are fanatically loyal to their masters. Brutally effective warriors, they employ claws, talons, beaks and axes ro rend their enemies apart. They also use high-pitched screams that can induce incredible pain in those around them.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: your search of the room reveals 600 gold and a handful of items you could either use or sell. Move any you wish to keep in your inventory. The defeat of the enemy vanguard caused widespread panic among Lord Aedin’s army. Cohesion among the portion of the army on the near bak of the river has collapsed, allowing Morkarn’s army ot slaughter at will. The only resistance is at Tarn’s bridge. You see a handful of soldiers holding their ground and among them, some sorcerers have erected a magical waystone to focus their power. You decide to attack this position and take the bridge. Standing adjacent to the waystone grants extra life and action potions.

      Demon's Rise Lords of Chaos Skills:piercing shot - the corsair loads a specially prepared shot into his pistol and fires. The bullet, blessed with dark magic, cuts through his enemies bodies as easily as through air and can impale several in one shot. Attacks all units in the area of effect with a 100% base hit chance.
    • Riposte - most corsairs are seasoned swordsman and can unleash a devastating attack with their long blades when needed. However, once they begin strike, few take care whether they are striking friend or foe. Makes an attack against all adjacent units in the area of effect with 100% base hit chance.
    • Crushing kick - cataphracts are expert duelists and are skilled at both armed and unarmed combat. Target unit suffers and attack with a 90% base hit chance that does 3-6 life damage per level of the caster. if bit, the target also loses a counter attack and is unable to perform any skills for 2 turns.
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