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    Zero K cheat world: metal is a basic resource needed to construct units and buildings. Metal can also be obtained by reclaiming the wreckages that dead units leave on the battlefield. Select your commander and right click on a wreck to reclaim it. Construction units (including the commander) can repair damaged units. Select your commander and right click on the damaged storage building to repair it. Reclaim and repair can be given as area commands. Press R and left click and drag a circle on the ground to issue an area repair command. Reclaim is the same except the hotkey is E.


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    Energy is the other basic resource. You need an equal amount of metal and energy to build things, and energy is also used to repair units and operate certain abilities like cloaking. You can see your current metal and energy in the resource panel at the top of the screen (highlighted). It shows how much you’re earning, how much you have stored and how much you’re spending. Several buildings produce energy, but the solar collector is the most basic. Metal extractors can only be built on metal spots.

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    Notice the colored circles on the ground when a mex or solar collector is selected. They represent the overdrive grid. Overdrive lets mexes produce more metal from surplus energy. This requires a grid connection created by making the circles touch. Overdrive becomes less efficient the more energy is used. Mouse over the mex and solar collector to see how much energy is being converted to metal. You can give construction units a guard order ona factory to assist it and help it build faster. You can give move/ attack move/ etc/ orders to a factory and the units it builds will inherit the order queue.
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    Raiders are fast and do a lot of damage quickly, but have very low health. They are good against units with in accurate weapons, such as skirmishers. Use attack move to have your raiders automatically attempt to evade enemy fire. Default hotkey is A, in case you’ve forgotten. Riot units excel at wiping out large numbers of small enemy units, such as raiders. They generally do a lot of damage quickly, but are slow, short ranged and have modest health. The Reaver’s devastating heavy energy machine gun is effective versus most enemy units, in particular raiders. It performs poorly versus static defense, so do not use it as an assault unit. COunter by slaying out of their range, as they are slow. Reavers quickly regenerate damage when out of combat.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: if you lose track of your commander you can select them with ctrl + c or the button in the currently circled area on your screen. You can select multiple units by holding left click and dragging a box around them. Shift + click on a unit to add it to your current selection. Note: when box selecting a mixed group of combat units and structures or non combat units, only the combat units will be selected. Hold down shift to not do this.
      Here are some other ways to select units:
    • ctrl + left click a unit to select it if not currently selected, or deselect it if it is.
    • Left click on empty terrain deselects your units, if you are not issuing an order.
    • Double click a unit to select all units of that type on the screen.
    • Ctrl + A selects all units across the map. Ctrl +Z is the same, but only for units of the same type as those currently selected.

    Zero K Tricks: units leave up to 40% of their metal cost in the wreckage when they die. This means that you must take into careful consideration where your battles take place, because in an even unit trade the one who reclaims (E) the wreckage will come out on top. Entire battles can be won and lost over the spoils in a wreckage field. Line formations are a simple but effective tool to organize your units and do things such as encircle the enemy.
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