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    Cliff Empire cheat world:resources in the orbit are limited, use them wisely to create a settlement on Earth. On the orbit volunteers are signing up to settle in the city. The speed of the set is affected by the indicator prestige. If the number of volunteers exceeds 25 - they are sent down to Earth. If the prestige is negative - settlers gonna leave the city in groups of 25 people. Fill the columns of needs to increase the prestige of your city. Currently the city is powered by batteries for the warehouse, but they are limited. Build a wind generators or solar panels, depending on the climate of the cliff to increase power supply. Click “i” to show/hide cliff’s climate info.


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    When your power supply exceeds 100% of city’s needs, free charge can be saved at the battery station. When the building is already built, you can click on it and see the charging process. In future, you can either fully engaged in charging the batteries and sell them, or compensate the shortage of generators by purchasing batteries. TO get food, you need to create crop fields ( for the current task 4 small fields or 1 large is required). Open crop fields are more effective on cliffs with fertile ground, they do not require energy to maintain the climate. Indoor crop fields do not depend on the soil’s fecundity, but consume energy.

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    Storage - a place for storing all raw materials and products. First storage in the city provides a starting set of resources and 3 cargo drones. Landing platform - allows receiving capsules from the orbital station. One capsule can hold 25 persons. In order to receive more residents free room is required. Uranium is needed to refill the capsules. For the current task you need to build: 2 house buildings or 1 medium residence. Also a landing pad is necessary, which can only be constructed on a special place (blue cell).
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    Solar power station - generates electricity. Effective only in sunny areas. Battery station - stores an excess of charge from the production of electricity in batteries that can be transported or used during energy insufficient. Water extraction station - cleans groundwater for domestic and industrial use. University - gives access to a variety of technologies, which increases the productivity of the city. Nuclear power plant - effectively generates electricity using uranium. very harmful for ecology. Airport - allows production of small and large aircraft, serves as a transport connection point between cities on different cliff.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: to further expand the city, you will need a lot of building material. It can be obtained from mines that extract a universal matter. Extraction rate depends on cliff’s deposits. At a 3d printing factory you can use universal matter to create engines, furniture, home appliances and electronics. When a factory is built, you can click on it and specify what exactly should be produced. To trade with the orbital station it is necessary to build a portal. The barge will arrive through the portal once a day, in the morning. When the building is complete, you can click on it and choose which goods to want to sell or buy. A simple way to increase prestige is to decorate the city with gardens. Some buildings, such as offices, trading portals, squares - also raise the aesthetics of the city, but in a significantly lower rate.

    Cliff Empire Tricks: for a full scale industry cargo drones are required. They can be produced in the airport. When the building is complete, you can click on it and specify which drones to produce. It will also require engines, batteries, and matter. SOmetimes to maintain balance in the city - some buildings will have to be shut down. Disabled buildings does not consume energy and labor, which allows you to quickly redirect people from one industry to another. To turn off the building, you can click on it with the left mouse button and then click “disable building” or click on ti with right mouse button (fast disable/ enable). Not all buildings can be disabled (fr example, residential buildings, solar panels, wind generators and some other buildings).
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