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    War of the Zombie cheat world: By the time you find this i will be dead. From my own investigation i have determined that humanity will soon be on the brink of complete extermination, yet i hope i can leave you with some insight as to what will inevitably transpire. From the very first day the outbreak is discovered there will be rumblings of global panic. Governments around the globe will become increasingly paranoid of, or attempt to neutralise and/or capture, foreign entities they see as a potential infection threat within range of their territorial airspace and water. Ironically these same governments will rally for foreign support and look to the world’s top security contractors for aid, but only to rescue key government personnel, relatives & themselves.


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    As the trust in governments wanes, civilians and ex-military personnel will to take it upon themselves to begin forming small bands of rebel militia, hoarding weapons and even more terrifying, nuclear capabilities. As days go by, whole cities will become completely dehumanized as the infection continues to escalate further into more and more cities across the globe. The end is near and they know it, yet they will be safe and ready to rise from the ashes of the old. I can no longer, with a clear conscience, continue the work i have been sworn to oversee. I have faith you will eventually discover and destroy the root of the pandemic rising from under our very feet… or humanity will be forever lost.

    War of the Zombie cheats android, ios hack codes


    We are the largest private security contractor in the world. As our name suggests, we specialize in Securite, Armaments, foreign extraction. I am cheat-on, safe operations vocal automation system. If appointed global operations director, i will be your eyes and ears during the war of the zombie. Selecting & moving marines:
    To select a marine, Left mouse button click on the marine within the mission zone, or their colour-coded marine tab at the bottom of the screen, or use their keyboard shortcut 1 to 4. Then Right mouse button dick an area in the mission zone to move that marine to. Select another marine to move by clicking on the marine within the mission zone, or their tab, or use their keyboard shortcut. Any selected marine will become deselected. Move all marines so each is standing at a different location marked 'A' through “D”.
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    Now select all your marines at the same time, hold down SHIFT to select multiple marines OR use keyboard shortcut 0 to select all marines, and move them as a group and touch the EXIT door. Once the door to the next rooms opens, move your marines to the location marked 2 so you will be informed how to complete part 2 of your interview. Defensive shooting while on the move: Marines will automatically back away from anything hostile if they get too close. They will also shoot at anything hostile if it's within range of their primary ranged weapon, and they have a line of sight. Order your marines around the room while they automatically eliminate all zombies.

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      Tip, android gameplay secrets:
    • Manual fire target shooting: You can change between auto and manual firing from within a marine's inventory. To reveal a marine's inventory, Right mouse button dick on a their tab OR hold down CTRL and use their keyboard shortcut 1 to 4. Now dick AUTO FIRE to switch to manual fire mode, dick to close. A target icon appears. Left dick it to see your weapon range indicated by a red circle, then right click within the cirde to set your shooting target. Use manual fire to target and track individual enemies or specific locations. It can also force marines to shoot over crates, cargo boxes, or through fences.
    • Finding/changing weapons: Look for crates scattered around mission zones. If a marine is next to a cate, Right dick on it to reveal its contents, usually weapons. If you decide to equip/take a weapon, it’s added to that marine's inventory and the crate will be destroyed. Now equip the RPG, or take it from the crate then left dick on it in the marine's inventory to equip it. The RPG can destroy vehicles, fences, walls, crates/boxes, and guard towers. Take note that even with manual fire on, your marines will still automatically use their melee weapons if hostiles come right next to them.

      War of the Zombie Tricks:
    • Rescuing VIPs /crew: During real missions, guide them to a safe location and wait for the E-vac to land or dear all zombies to auto-finish the mission. VIPs / Crew automatically follow a marine that comes within range. You can prevent this by deselecting FOLLOW in the marine's inventory. For this interview, let all crew follow your marines to the E-vac.

    • TLAM-C / TLAM-D missile support: Other then relying solely on your marines you can also call in air support to any target in the mission zone. TLAMs will blow up anything in the mission zone (except bunkers), so make sure your marines are not within the target radius. To reveal available support types, Right mouse button dick on the air support tab OR hold down CTRL and dick on the air support tab. Select a type then Right mouse button click on a target in the mission zone. Take out all the zombies in the room.

    • Mission completion & evacuation: Once VIPs/crew are in range of an E-vac they will automatically board. Everyone is safe from hostiles when onboard and can even be cured of infection if researched. During real missions, marines can board & exit an E-vac at anytime. When all remaining VIPs / crew / marines have boarded, the E-vac will take off to end the mission.
    War of the Zombie hacked

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