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    Monster Prom cheat world: ah spooky high school the sweetest years of our lives. Back then we were young and unafraid … SOmetimes reckless, sometimes brilliant, sometimes just stupid; but always willing to live life to the fullest. We were on a wild journey to discover who we really were. And we had yet to experience its ultimate challenge: the monster Prom.


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      I remember it clearly, 3 weeks were left, and as we fantasized about our dream prom dates, we were all scrambling to catch the attention of one our six most charismatic classmates:
    • Miranda Vanderbilt (19), a sweet mermaid princess who was as cute as she was genocidal.
    • Damien Lavey (21), a fearless demon with a taste for destruction and a love of fire
    • Scott Howl (21), a werewolf athlete who compensated for his rather small brain with a stupidly huge heart.
    • Liam de Lioncourt (4xx), a hipster vampire whose standoffish demeanor hid that he was truly a lovable dork.
    • vera Oberlin (23), a mean, selfmade gorgon with a merciless sense of business

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    It was clear: it had to be one of them… but who? We only had 3 weeks to choose our prom date, and even more daunting, we only had 3 weeks to woo them and conquer their heart! All minds are rotten, but they are rotten in so many different ways. Worry no more, we’re now using our PhD in bullshit to diagnose which kind of deviant sicko you are! Monster Prom’s stupidest Pop Quiz Ever (™) will throw a bunch of absurd questions at you and turn your answers into your character’s stats. This way each of you will start by having stats that better reflect your true selves.
    Monster Prom Questions:
      If you could put a curse your worst enemy what would it do?
    • The curse of always meeting obnoxious people at parties who are super into new fad diets that feel the need to explain them in detail
    • YOu can’t rely on the effectiveness of a curse. I prefer to take care of my enemies the old fashioned way: by exposing them to unsafe doses of radiation over the course of several years
    • I’d curse them to fall in love with a wonderful person and be happily married for years before they realize that all this time their partners was a wild panther in disguise! Then the panther viciously devours my enemy.
      A radioactive possum just bit you, what superpower did you get?
    • The superpower of always choosing the right combination of emojis to get the desired reaction from all people: seducing my loved ones, burning my enemies, settling any arguments, and even conveying complex emotional thoughts
    • Uh, probably rabies? i’d go to a hospital immediately.
    • The incredible power of writing fanfiction so compelling that the actual creators of the TV shows decide to go with my ideas and crazy ships
    Monster Prom gift box
      What’s the sexiest type of knowledge a lover can have?
    • Lyrics to all Disney songs
    • How to set stuff on fire
    • Sport things
    • Obscure 80s movie trivia
    • How to make a killer cocktail out of anything
    • All the principles to build a financial empire
    Shop - have shit that will you boost your stats; shit that will lead you into stupid new adventures; even some shit that might be much need at some very specific moments.
    Outdoors: that day during recess, you start a half hour rave that goes full crazy. You have no idea how it escalates so much, but at one point there are like 300 people. Someone summons demons from a nightmare dimension. The consequences might distort the fabric of reality itself, but who cares? It’s a rad party! You gain +2 FUN.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: Bathrooms - that day you skip class and just hand out in the bathrooms because you respect no authority. I guess some people just want to watch the world burn by skipping class and hanging out in the bathrooms. YOu give +0 SHITS, but you gain +2 BOLDNESS.
    Class - that day you listen to your elders and learn valuable lessons. Sometimes, after all the monster nonsense and the gating gimmicks, you forget that attending class is supposed to be the primary activity at this high school. You gain +2 SMARTS.
    GYM - that day an epic dodgeball match takes place. Everything seems lost, but you deliver an inspirational speech that fuels your team’s spirit leading to a spectacular comeback. You’re clearly a natural born leader! You gain +2 CHARM.

    Monster Prom Tricks: Auditorium: that day while rehearsing for the class play, it’s as though the muses themselves have descended to give you (figurative) oral sex: your performance is intense and inspiring.It will be remembered for generations, which is pretty rad by high school play’s standards. you gain +2 CREATIVITY.
    Library: that day you spend some time on the library’s PCs sending malicious spam emails in the hopes of stealing other people’s money. It doesn’t sound very nice, but who’s really the one to blame if they respond to such a blatant scam? You lose -10 KARMA (which isn’t a stat in this game, so who cares?), and you gain +2 MONEY.
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