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    Amorous cheat world: blue skies, a crystal blue shoreline. What’s not to like right? Anyone and everyone loves the coast. That is my town in a nutshell. Don’t get me wrong, this is the place to be if you want slim girls, hunky guys and curious tourists that lay somewhere in the middle. A hotspot for holiday destinations for anyone willing to pay for the tranquility of an ocean’s breeze and a slap on the ass. It does wear thin on you when this is all you have ever known, the beach gets gradually less interesting the more you see it. The constant barrage of skimpy trunks, lacy bikinis and a culture that embraces an exotic sexuality. Why is this such a big deal?


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    I guess i’m just a bit of a stick in the mud. School and work got in the way you know, there’s more to life than trying to catch a little bit of something from everyone in your senior year. i never really found the time to date after graduation, drifting apart from friends who had a different mindset. I see enough of that at home from my libido driven brother. That’s when you hear the repetitive churn of your alarm go off again and it’s time to face up to reality. beginning to wonder why it’s set in the first place. it feels like every morning i sleep past my wake up call a little longer. i guess it can be pretty easy when there’s nowhere you’re expected to be in an hour.

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    11 am. At least i can still consider it breakfast if i get up now. Motivation seems to be extra low this week. Saturday morning and it feels like the middle of the week still. Oh wait, i just remembered! Coby invited his friends over today. Watching them get all touchy feely gets kinda weird, considering we still share a room. Yeah, screw that, I'm not going to pretend to sleep while they swap saliva. At least he's over there most of the time. If I'm quick I can dodge a bullet and sneak out of the house before having to say hi. So far so good, not a whisper from anyone while I was in the kitchen. I can probably shower when I get back. Though i guess I could figure out where I'm going first while I'm in there. I may as well decide on that now.
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    If I haven't been called by now, they probably aren't gonna call me. I may as well hit up as many places as possible and at least then I'll have more of a case when dad starts giving me that look again. I only have my original copy left though, I'm gonna need to head down to the post office and print some copies. I should go have that shower now so I can look the part when I walk into these places. Dammit Coby, I didn't even know you were already home! Where the hell are your clothes? Don't tell me you and your boyFriend are already doing it in my bedroom.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: It was the first time myself and Coby had a dedicated day just to each other, for as long as I could remember. We just seemed to have become distant during high school and it just kinda stuck that way ever since. Maybe this club thing won't be so bad after all. I haven't even thought about meeting people outside of work or school. We had an old rule between us: while we had no guests in the house, we would only wear underwear while in the bedroom. Considering it was just us, I didn't really think too much of it. He wasn't the type to pull pranks while we were almost naked. He made a fair argument that he was already in his, and I had to get cleaned up soon anyway. Being mature as always, he began whistling while I undressed. Sometimes I think he made the rule just to get a kick out of me stripping. He had a really wide range of whistles too, must be an avian thing to sing and whistle really well. It's fun just waiting to hear what he'll come up with next when I'm changing.

    Amorous Tricks: i tried to convince him to use the computer with me, but the chance to play on the bed was too tantalizing for him to turn down. We initially laid side by side, staring at the roof with our arms folded behind our heads. Just chilling in our briefs, talking about anything that came to mind. Sure enough, being brothers we ended up wrestling once we started getting restless. He's deceivingly strong for his size. Pinning my arms down and kneeling over my lap more than once before I threw him off me and did the same. We eventually called a truce and laid our limbs over each other in an exhausted pile. If we wanted to go out tonight, we had to get ready soon...

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