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    Void Monsters cheat world: two years ago, you left home. Not wanting to follow in the footsteps of your famous, monster training parents, you decided to seek your own destiny...Just as you a begin to forge your own future, you received terrible news. Both your parents had been killed, their goats slaughtered, their void monsters lost, and their lands in serious debt to the bank! With a heavy heart you have returned home as the sole heir to Nothwatch farm, with a vow to avenge your parent’s death. Only a great monster trainer could have killed your parents. in order to avenge them you will need to become even more powerful. It seems destiny has decided that you should follow in their footsteps after all...


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    I’m just the postman. But i do have a letter for you. I’ve been coming by for days trying to deliver it. News of your return has come before you. I suspect you’ll be getting a lot of letters. There were few enough monster tamers around here anyway/ Well, now people are going to look to you. With most of young monster tamers being sucked in by the void cult there is a serious need for a hero in these parts.

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      Choose your background:
    • The traveller - After leaving home you travelled the nearby kingdoms learning about runestones so that when you returned you would be ready to become a great monster trainer. You start with 3 monster runes, including a Ethel rune required for summoning all Ethel monsters.

    • The alchemist - following in your mother’s footsteps you left home to apprentice as an alchemist, and although your training was cut short you learned much about potions and tonics. You start with both tonic making and potion brewing at level three, and a few health and magic potions.

    • The gem maker - following your own path, you left home to apprentice as a gem forger. You have done well so far and managed to create several magical gems of which you were allowed to keep one. You start with level 3 gem forging, a magical gem, and a helmet to slot it into.

    • Void Monsters gift box
      The Axe Hefter - both your parents were bow users but you always preferred the axe! You have travelled around working with axe markers and are on the way to becoming a great one yourself. You start with level 3 axe crafting and a strong snoflower axe.

    • The Bowyer - you often admired both your parent’s use of the bow and decided, from a young age, to be dedicate your life to its art and craft. Since leaving you have studied under several well known bowyers.

    • The Goathered - as a child nothing brought you more joy than tending for your parents’ goats. Since leaving home you have been working at a goat farm, dreaming of breeding the mythical mega goat! You start Void monster adventure with some goat breeding supplies.

    • The Thief - you were never a well behaved child, always taking what didn’t belong to you. After leaving home you fell in with some thieves and have been learning their ways ever since. You start with a selection of thief tools and a thief tools crafting skill of three.

    • The armourer - not content to rely on the defence of your Void monster you have studied under several armourers so that you can defend yourself should the need arise. You satr with a full set of well crafted armour, and skill level three armour crafting.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: to move around you can use a control pad, click the map with a mouse, or use W, A, S, D. To interact with people, loot, or objects use the space or enter keys. To enter the menu system use escape. In order to get stronger, find loot, and make the world a better place, you’ll probably want to complete some quests. Quests can be obtained through the morning post, random encounters, or through achieving certain goals within the world. To access your quest log press escape. You can use the arrow keys to move between quest, and pgdn and pgup to scroll each quest. Be aware that many quests have a time limit.

      Which Void monster did you take on your journey?
    • Marshbit - are Ethel monster and therefore at home around Northwatch farm. They know the offensive ‘ice spiral’ spell and a healing spell.

    • Wizbundle - they know the offensive ‘earth burst’ spell and a spell to focus attacks!

    • Sunfloras- know spells to blind and slow enemies, sunfloras can evolve.

    • Slumgus - know double attack and can befuddle an enemy.

    • Rubybooslay - can make skin like steel and can raise fallen allies (difficult start adventure)

    • Fluttersnort - can attack multiple times and slow down enemies.
    Void Monsters hacked
      Void Monsters Tricks:
    • throughout most of the world, crop growing is a tedious process with most crops taking many months to grow. However, there are a few magical locations in the world where crop growing is much faster, and fortunately for you one lies on your property. You can find seeds all over the world, with rarer seeds being found in more dangerous locations. To grow a plant, interact with an empty plot, choose a seed, and watch it grow.

    • Travelling outside of cities can be dangerous to the unwary. Part of being a monster trainer is having an innate ability to sense the danger. The threat from monsters can be either active or passive. In passive zones the monsters, only visible by a faint blue light, will only attack if you get too close. In active zones they will attack without warning! Zones also come in different colours: green, yellow, red, and black. Each zone contains progressively more difficult monsters. It is better to stay out of difficult zones until you are well trained.

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