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    Beast Quest cheat world: welcome young adventurer, to the magical kingdom of Avantia. My name is cheat-on - a good wizard serving in the court of the righteous king Hugo. You have joined us at a most difficult time. Avantia is under siege. The Dark wizard Malvel has cursed four of the legendary beasts that have protected the kingdom for centuries. Under his nefarious evil spells these mighty creatures now run wild, causing all manner of chaos and leaving a trail of destruction in their wake. Ferno the fire dragon, Arcta the mountain giant, Nanook the snow monster and Epos the flame bird.


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    Avantia is in grave danger! All of king Hugo’s knights have failed to free the beasts from Malvel’s curse, but there is hope. The Ancient scrolls tell of an unlikely young hero. A boy with the courage and heart to overcome Malvel’s dark magic, free the beasts and ultimately save the kingdom. This is his story, this is his beast quest. The magical key you now hold is an ancient artefact of great power - one, which can break a terrible curse, when used by a hero who is true of heart. I believe that hero is you.

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    The beasts can only do their work when left in peace. So we have kept their existence a secret. This key is the only thing that will unlock the cursed collar around Ferno the fire Dragon’s neck and free him. But first, we must prepare you the battle ahead and equip you with gear worthy of a legendary hero. SO, let us us begin with your armor - your new armor will offer much needed protection when you face the beasts.
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    Press X to gain access to higher areas and climb over obstacles. Press O to perform a fast attack. Hold O to charge a more powerful light attack to hit nearby enemies. Hold A to charge a powerful attack that strikes distant enemies. Flick to the left or right to dodge in that direction and evade enemy attacks. When trying to dodge, be sure to keep your eyes on the enemy. Watch closely and you’ll be able to see which direction you need to dodge. Press O or A during a perfectly timed dodge to perform a counter attack.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: When an enemy is about to attack, raise your shield to block. Magical map of Avantia - as you can see, we are current near Errinel, and Ferno was last seen through the forest of fear. Use the golden key to unlock the cursed collar around Ferno’s neck. Once it has been removed, the spell will be broken and the Beast will be free.

    Tutorial tricks: access your map in the pause menu to fast travel between campsites. The call ally abilities are extremely powerful and should be used wisely. You can only unleash an ally ability once the ally bar is completely full. Cheats: crops, credits, gold, AP (action points), mana, legendary weapon, epic gear, apk app file, ios, gift box, free play

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    6. 4iPGnNJkKSyFCAe - legendary weapon
    7. bqZo0go4iTazP6S - epic gear
    8. CMUo1iDUmlK4p5G - apk app file
    9. e7o1WdSBVAHMYrF - ios
    10. CxGCLrLQjUVOGL3 - gift box
    11. SAadGAc7Si2nJFE - free play
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