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    Controls: Parry incoming attack by blocking with L1 at the perfect time. Wall pin enemies by throwing your axe with R2 when smaller enemies are close to walls. stats - strength, runic, defense, vitality, luck and cooldown. Hold L1 to block, hold L then press X to evade. The chest is locked with runic magic. Find and solve the three seals to unlock it. During combat, an enemy’s health bar is displayed above them when they take damage or when targeted by Kratos.


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    • ”Give me a balanced experience” is for players who want an adventure that’s reasonably challenging.
    • ”Give me a story” is for players who want to experience the story without too much of a gameplay challenge.
    • “give me a challenge” is for those who mant a more demanding combat experience
    • Give me God of War” is for those who want the game as difficult as possible, requiring god-like reflexes and strategy. Note: this difficulty cannot be changed mid-game, so a new game must be started to change the difficulty

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    An enemy’s stun bar is located below their health bar. Attacking an enemy in quick succession inflicts stun damage causing the bar to fill. Once the bar is filled, the enemy is stunned. Press R3 to grab a stunned enemy. Arrows and bare handed attacks inflict extra stun damage. Kratos can switch to bare handed attacks by throwing the axe or sheathing the axe. Upgrading a weapon permanently increases stats. other items must be equipped to influence Kratos’s stats. Resources required to upgrade an item are displayed at the bottom of the item card.
    God of War 4 gift box
    Weapons: leviathan axe - a powerful weapon handed down to Kratos. Customize weapons by equipping runic attack gems and pommels. Runic attack gems can be found in the world and purchased at dwarven shops.
    Armor: Woven shoulder guard of exile - thick, sturdy strips of leather and fur provide light protection from the dangers of the forest. Common chest armor - reinforced, boiled leather armor. Not very comfortable, but slightly increases strength. Reaver tunic - cheaply made, but sturdy. Commmonly used within reaver clans.
    Artifacts: Lost and found - we fund little toy near the house. I used to have one like it, i think it may be part of a set. If we can find more, they may be worth something.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: you have acquired the Hel's touch light runic attack gem. Runic gem allow you to customize your weapon to enable light and heavy runic attacks. The weapons tab is where you can slot runic gems into your weapon. Runic attacks have associated attributes and cooldowns. Use experience to upgrade runic attacks. Upgrading runic attacks improves their attributes. Press X to equip the Hel’s touch light runic attack gem into the Leviathan axe. Equipped runic attacks are indicated by the “E” symbol.

    Tutorial tricks: enemy difficulty is represented by the color and number near their health bar. The color of enemy health bars range from green to purple depending on how powerful they are compared to Kratos.
    Monsters: Draugr fight with dangerous weapons, but they aren't very skilled with them. Not like Father and tin axe If we witch their movements rt should be easy to dodge or block their a racks.
    God of War 4 Dwarven shop - from here, you can upgrade equipment you already own, or craft entirely new equipment. Brok has given you a frozen flame - a rare resource! Resources found in the world can be used to craft and upgrade your equipment. Krato’s equipment has power levels and stats. Upgrading the axe level it up and increases strength, which contributes to Kratos’ overall power level and stats. Runic attack damage can be increased by increasing runic. Each stat has different gameplay benefits. When upgrading an item, the power level and stats gained will be displayed on the item card, and also reflected on Krato’s stat table.

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