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    Shadowgun Legends cheat world: Ten years of brutal warfare. Ten years of invading aliens sweeping towards Earth, annihilating all in their path. Ten years of boodshed as the planetary Federation fights a losing battle, barely resisting the relentless horde. Our heroes are already dead. Now humanity needs legends…
    Welcome to the Hub, let’s get the tour started! Want to look good when you kick ass? Pedro’s your hombre. Ready to write your own legend? Slade will get you started.


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    Need powerful gear? Willow and Big Red have it all. Hakim made fat stacks, when you’re famous he can help you too. Booze! Buffs! Gambling! The Hub has it all. Have the skill to be wargames champ? Roll on up to Nitro. Only the best of you are showcased with a statue. All that’s left is for you to sign up! We pay a salary one per day when you enter the Hub. Here’s a bonus to get you started.

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    Ok freshmeat, something weird’s going on at the colony. we need you to hook up with the marines on Nova Callisto and take out the torment’s AA gun. Intel have received a strange encrypted signal rerouted via the abandoned Colony’s ISM antenna. Clear the landing zone so the field tech can land and find the encryption key. The destruction of the AA gun will enable us to get troops into the colony area, the first step to liberating Nova Callisto.
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    The presence of a titan on the planet is worrying, as our forces were overwhelmed by them on Arak. The destruction of the Titan has been celebrated across the galaxy. The marines need more support on Nova Callisto, Shadowgun. After the disastrous Operation Zero counter attack on Arack, we need a victory over the Torment to boost morale and turn the tide of war. The planet is only lightly defended, so we can strike fast before reinforcements arrive.

    Shadowgun Legends secret code hack tips

    Tip, android gameplay secrets: the marines have now secured the watchtower, which should give them a strong base for operations in the area. We’ve decrypted the signal - it’s ab old fashioned SMA , but the sender hasn’t identified themselves. We’re very close to tracing the original source...Nova Callisto - the most habitable and earth like of the system’s six rocky planets. Nova Callisto’s landmass is covered by thick jungle and lush rainforest, punctuated by deep valleys and tall mountain ranges. Home to several indigenous species of intelligent life form, including the harmless Dunma tribe.

    Tutorial tricks: the hydroelectric power plant at the Dam is a vast complex, so find some plans before searching for the sender of the signal. It’s a huge place and will be guarded by the torment, so knowing your way around will increase your chances of survival. The plans are in the files at the colony. Now you’ve retrieved the plans we’ll enter the data points into your HUD. Due to the size of the facility it’ll speed up the search and increase your chances of staying alive. We’ve received another SMA while you were gone, so the sender is still alive and awaiting rescue...

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