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    Tiny Archers cheat world: hello, my name is cheat-on. Guardian of the Northern kingdom. My duty is to protect the tower from the goblin raiders. Match the guiding line for a headshot. For a moving enemy you need to aim a bit ahead. Hit his chest to slow him down. Aim the leg to stop him for a while. Upgrade your weapons to increase the arrow slot capacity.


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    Let me show you how i can help you in your quest. The top panel shows your current munition. In the bottom panel you can see the arrows i can produce. Tap or hold the normal arrow and produce arrows. I can make you arrows as long as you have enough gold and you don’t reach my queue limit. The current queue limit can be found on the right side. You can upgrade it with taping on the plus. COme back to me after the battle and get the arrows for the best price.

    Tiny Archers cheats android, ios hack codes


    Ability: Hot tar - use it when the goblins are at the tower to get rid of them. Use the ballista ability to kill all the enemies visible on the screen. Armor piercing arrow - use this to kill the armored troops! Select the special arrow by tapping on it. This arrow can penetrate any shield. Aim the legs to make an enemy stop for a while. Goblin archer - kill this ranged unit before he kills you. Archers can damage your HP with their ranged hits.
    Tiny Archers gift box
    Congratulations! You’ve hacked a new equipment. I’m going to show you how can you equip it. First, click on the bows button, so you can see the bows page. At the bottom panel you can see all the bows that you can use after unlocking them. In the top panel you can see additional information about the bow. With more advanced bows the amount of arrows you can bring with yourself will increase.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: armor piercing arrows are very useful against the armored units. The bomber will blow up your tower upon reaching it. Use explosive arrow when they are close to each other. If you have enough experience and gold you can buy the bow. At the bottom panel you can choose which bow to use in the battle. Accomplish the daily missions for rewards.

    Tutorial tricks: when bow has an additional slot , go back to the arrows panel. You’ve unlocked a new arrow - armor piercing arrow, use this to kill the armored troops ( goblin warrior - light armored enemy troop with shield). Tap on the slot to equip your new special arrow. Here you can select which arrow you would like to equip. You can remove the special arrow by clicking on it again.

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    4. TYkN9T5xclhigTT - gem crystal
    5. DV444MquufmI09r - legendary bow
    6. egLuWskiYmEAJ3n - new gameplay
    7. 7HwWEb1x0z2sJ0P - gift box
    8. vC1uhqT80wj2ZYh - multiplayer
    9. TvNpxSvwN8j6dLB - premium pack
    10. n49bKdieFqbzhRc - speed up
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