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    Craft Warriors cheat world: this is skyland, a town that once flourished. The town was destroyed due to a war. Restoring the castle (ruins of a castle that was once the heart of Skyland): double tap to view facility details. Now, craft an original flag for your castle, restore the facility where you can store your collected gold in a safe place. Then restore the facility where gold is produced.


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    Go attack opponents to loot resources. Claim victory with 50% overall damage. Continue restoring facilities with the resources you looted. Mythril pump ruins - a facility that once pumped mythril from underground. You have leveled up. New facilities and units will be unlocked when the player level increases. You completed the first part of the hack tutorials. Go explore and build your town.

    Craft Warriors cheats android, ios hack codes


    Base - here, you can upgrade units and artilleries. Unit selection - double tap to view unit details. Buckler - reduce damage from attacks with the shield and counterattack with the sword. The shield can reduce damage. Collect more mythril and upgrade your units. lancer - this long spear can pierce units from a distance. Charge into units from afar to deal critical damage
    Craft Warriors gift box
    Edit town layout - prepare your town defense by changing the layout. Towncraft - here, you can edit your town. Be prepared for attacks at all times. Save your edited town by tapping the button on the bottom left. Wall ruins - old wall that once protected town. Builder’s Hut - a house for builders, upgrade to add more builders. Mary’s house - upgrade to boost shield duration after defending your town.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: increase the attack cost and the attack slots by upgrading the airship. You can also increase the maximum loot amount by increasing the airship. Airship fuel replenish items are available at the shop. Gem hack - for a quicker progress of the game. Craftsman - keep on upgrading. Shield - to bring a moment of peace. Airship fuel - no need to wait to attack.

    Tutorial tricks:. Increase the defense cost and the defense slots by upgrading the castle and the barracks. Units will be unable to defend while upgrading the castle and the barracks. Watch the video ads and get rewards. Craft a unit - edit one of the default units and craft an original unit. Edit your profile icon from the profile at the top left of the home screen.

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    1. 1ky1FuI80186qos - builders
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    4. PsH8zapN2V2lI0T - fuel
    5. 484y85sa5y30Rvx - mythril
    6. nV0FLeCYQnKiiiy - upgrade
    7. av9KS8f86bjuGQB - level up
    8. Ug7jDcQYv2vdDvT - unlimited resources
    9. hPhjdrRj5lhnOdk - gift box
    10. 8yEnLzwWdkNeud7 - premium pack
    11. CZKjVjiYaig8g9G - treasure chest
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